Column: What’s the cookie’s Crumbl?


Corina Karr

Crumbl cookie’s 2/06 lineup of Churro, Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Cookies and Cream, and Key Lime Pie (left to right) colorfully fill up Crumbl’s signature pink box.

The first week of Feb. featured one of the best Crumbl Cookie lineups we’ve ever tried. Crumbl Cookies, a Utah cookie shop turned national franchise, offers a robust cookie selection, which changes every week. From Oreo to Key Lime Pie, there was no apparent pattern in this week’s line up, but the variety of flavors added to its brilliance.


Cinnamon cream cheese frosting tops the soft, warm spiced dough of the Churro cookie. Though both elements of the cookie are delicious and high-quality, they don’t give it much variety. The cream cheese frosting has the perfect texture and flavor, coupled with its soft and buttery dough with a crispy outer layer, the Churro cookie earns nine out of ten feathers.

Key Lime Pie: 

With the memory of Crumbl’s bland Boston Creme Pie cookie in mind, our expectations for the Key Lime Pie were low. However, it was a bright explosion of flavor at first bite. The sweet yet tart key lime custard perfectly pairs with a dense graham cracker crust. The fun whipped cream topping adds a layered texture to the cookie, while a complementary lime allows consumers to make the cookie more sour if they wish. The Key Lime Pie cookie earns a much-deserved nine out of ten feathers.

Blueberry Muffin: 

The Blueberry Muffin cookie lacks in the presentation department, with icing and a crumbly topping covering the slightly green dough inside. The icing complements the cookie well, but the dough lacks in flavor. It mimics the Little Bites®️ Blueberry Muffins with dough so soft that the cookie falls apart at first bite. The dough’s durability and flavor do not live up to the usual Crumbl standard. The Blueberry Muffin cookie deserves six out of ten feathers due to its sub-par quality.

Chocolate Cookies and Cream: 

This cookie combines rich chocolate dough with crushed Oreos and white chocolate chips for a finishing touch. Though it doesn’t have frosting like the others, these inclusions add enough pizzazz to the cookie’s flavor profile. The dough is the best out of the four cookies, with a chewy inside but crisp and firm outer crust. The presentation is less flashy than other Crumbl fan-favorites, but the taste makes up for that. With a delicious combo and added texture from the Oreos and white chocolate chips, the Chocolate Cookies and Cream cookie earns itself nine out of ten feathers.