Column: What’s the cookie’s Crumbl?


Corina Karr

Crumbl cookie’s 4/16 lineup of Birthday Cake ft. Oreo, Cotton Candy, Caramel Shortbread ft. Twix, and Key Lime Pie (left to right) colorfully fill up Crumbl’s signature pink box.

The week of April 16: the sweetest Crumbl Cookie lineup. Crumbl Cookies, a Utah cookie shop turned national franchise, offers a robust cookie selection, which changes every week. From the Cotton Candy’s sugary crunch to Birthday Cake ft. Oreo’s overly sweet frosting, this week catered to those with a sweet tooth.


Cotton Candy:

Cotton Candy is a vanilla cookie topped with cotton candy frosting and popping candies. The first bite immediately hits you with a rush of sweetness, which can be overwhelming. At the same time, the different flavors and textures create a delightful combination. With compelling flavors but an overwhelming sweetness, Cotton Candy earns itself 7/10 feathers.


Birthday Cake ft. Oreo:

The cookie tastes like the cookie part of an Oreo, and it is delicious. A moist, chocolatey base cookie with Oreo crumbs throughout. However, the Cake Batter cream cheese frosting is extremely sweet and has an artificial taste that is not identifiable as Cake Batter. The frosting tastes like an elevated Oreo cookie’s center, giving it a familiar taste. Topped with festive sprinkles that add a nice crunch, this cookie is tasty but hard to eat much of due to its sweetness. The Birthday Cake cookie earns 8/10 feathers.


Caramel Shortbread ft. Twix:

This cookie features a shortbread cookie with a caramel and chocolate topping with Twix added on. The topping stands out as a delicious treat, but the dough itself left something to be desired. The shortbread lacked flavor, and the cookie needed more of the topping overall to balance it out. Despite its shortcomings, Caramel Shortbread ft. The Twix cookie earns 6.5/10 feathers.


Classic Pink Sugar:

Since we reviewed the final rotating cookie of the week, Muddy Buddies, in the previous column, we opted to taste Classic Pink Sugar, a Crumbl flavor which is always available. Crumbl nails the simple flavors, with a delicious sugar cookie base and sweet frosting. However, this cookie doesn’t stand out from the exciting rotating flavors offered each week. With comforting simplicity but a lack of excitement, the Classic Pink Sugar Cookies earns 7/10 feathers.