Column: What’s the cookie’s Crumbl?


Corina Karr

Crumbl’s signature pink box full of the best four offerings this week: Lucky Charms, Cookies & Cream, Mint Brownie, and Muddy Buddies (left to right).

The second week of March featured a Crumbl Cookie lineup full of classic flavors. Crumbl Cookies, a Utah cookie shop turned national franchise, offers a robust cookie selection, which changes every week. With flavors like Butterscotch Chip and Cookies & Cream, this week’s flavors were less creative than usual, but still packed a punch of flavor.


This butterscotch chip cookie is as bland as it looks, sitting alone in a single box due to Crumbl not offering a box of 5. (Corina Karr)

Butterscotch Chip:

The Butterscotch Chip cookie layers buttery dough with crispy butterscotch chips that add both a delightful flavor and texture to it. Despite the warm flavor of the butterscotch chips, the cookie lacked the excitement of most Crumbl creations as a buttery flavor overpowered the sweet butterscotch. Due to its blandness, the Butterscotch Chip cookie is left deserving of four out of ten feathers.


Cookies & Cream:

In comparison to the beloved Chocolate Cookies and Cream, the original Cookies & Cream takes the lead. This vanilla cookie blasted with chocolate chips and oreo cookies is loaded on its own, but the white frosting drizzled on top makes the cookie a sugar explosion. Perfect for cookies and cream ice cream lovers, this warm cookie is worthy of nine out of ten feathers.


Mallow Creme Featuring Lucky Charms®: 

This cookie features a buttery dough with white chocolate chips, topped with a marshmallow cream frosting and Lucky Charms. Though it lacks the similarities to the cereal it advertises, it still stands out as the top cookie of the week. The frosting perfectly complements the dough, and the Lucky Charms add an extra crunch. This cookie earns itself nine out of ten feathers.


Mint Brownie:

A moist and chilled chocolate “brownie” cookie topped with mint frosting and another layer of fudgy chocolate. The frosting tasted just like a mint chocolate chip ice cream. However, the cookie’s intense chocolate flavor makes the cookie feel dense. While it is not a bad cookie, Crumbl has had better mint chocolate flavors in the past, placing Mint Brownie at six out of ten feathers.


Peanut Butter Muddy Buddies®: 

This week, each store location had a “mystery flavor,” Petaluma’s was Peanut Butter Muddy Buddies®. A warm and crunchy peanut butter cookie topped with a light chocolate frosting and muddy buddy cereal, this treat was a peanut butter lover’s dream. The peanut butter did overpower any other flavors and would be better named “Peanut butter with a hint of chocolate.” Overall, the cookie itself was still delicious and deserving of seven out of ten feathers.


Crumbl repeats flavors! All of these flavors will be back in future weeks.