Column: What’s the cookie’s Crumbl?


Corina Karr

The week of 5/21 Crumbl lineup is delicious! From left to right: Strawberry Cake, Dirt Cake, Banana Bread, and Chocolate Milk.

What a chocolatey week! Crumbl Cookies, a Utah cookie shop turned national franchise, offers a menu which rotates weekly. The cookie selection for the week of 5/21 is delicious with strawberry and banana cookies, which perfectly complemented the delectable chocolate. 


Dirt Cake: Dirt Cake combines the classic flavors of a chocolate cake into a cookie with the additions of chocolate oreo and a gummy worm on top. The dough is loaded with oreo pieces and topped with a thick, rich, chocolate frosting, with a gummy worm on top that ties it all together with a burst of fruity flavor. Overall, this cookie stood out as the top option of the week. Dirt Cake deserves 9/10 feathers.


Banana Bread: With a cream cheese glaze and brown sugar streusel topping a warm banana cookie, this cookie encapsulates the flavors of banana bread fresh out of the oven. The glaze and streusel complement the dough with their sweet and cozy flavors. At the same time, it would taste even better with extra glaze, as it barely coats the cookie. Banana Bread earns itself 7.5/10 feathers. 


Strawberry Cake: This vanilla cookie has a generous amount of dried strawberry mixed into it. Topped with sweet strawberry cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with white chocolate curls, this cookie has layers of strawberry flavor. The frosting exceeds expectations with its fresh strawberry flavor and creamy hints of cream cheese. Unfortunately, the cookie was stale and lacked strong strawberry flavor despite the generous load of mixed-in strawberries. Delicious frosting paired with a sub-par cookie, Strawberry Cake earns 6.5/10 feathers.


Chocolate Milk: This cookie features a chocolate “pie crust” topped with chocolate mousse, chocolate whipped cream, and a wafer cookie straw. The creamy flavors of the mousse and whipped cream melts in your mouth. However, the texture of the cookie itself is a bit grainy and thin. The wafer straw is the perfect final touch, adding to the cookie’s appeal. The fluffy and flavorful topping makes up for the sub-par crust and Chocolate Milk receives 8/10 feathers.