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The map of the fictional city DEMA highlights different areas of the city.
Twenty One Pilots releases heartfelt album, Clancy
Tal Dahan • June 12, 2024

On May 24, the award-winning duo Twenty One Pilots, consisting of vocalist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun, released their seventh studio album, Clancy. The album features 13 songs and lasts about 47 minutes. Clancy features themes of midlife growth and mental health roadblocks that writer Tyler Joseph has dealt with throughout his life. The duo has set the stage in a fictional world called DEMA...

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Watch these summer movies to kick off your break.
Dive into our top 10 summer movie watch list
Elsa Hunt, Hava Rossiter, Hanna Cortright, Lola Capobianco, and Olive Diamond June 11, 2024

With summer just around the corner, everyone has more time to relax and enjoy the sunshine. While soaking in the sun is a tried and true summer activity, there's no better way to take a break from the heat than sitting down to watch a movie set in summertime. The Pitch has cultivated a list of our top 10 go-to summer movies for the change of seasons. With a wide array of genres, our top 10 list of...

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ZAYNs Album cover for his new album, Room Under the Stairs, features a figure of his face with images inside the silhouette.
ZAYN’s new album, Room Under The Stairs, portrays newfound love
Olive Diamond and Lola Capobianco June 9, 2024

On Friday, May 17, award-winning music artist ZAYN released his new album, Room Under The Stairs. The album consists of 15 soulful songs that collectively showcase ZAYN’s dreamy vocals. In Room Under The Stairs, ZAYN shares all of the feelings that come with new romantic relationships, designing an album based on love.  After auditioning for British music competition TV show, The X Factor, ZAYN...

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The Best Summer Playlist  featuring the selected catchy tunes to help you enjoy this upcoming season.
The sunshine playlist certain to spark up your summer
Lola Capobianco and Olive Diamond June 9, 2024

As summer approaches, we find ourselves yearning for more uplifting songs to accompany hanging out by the pool or traveling. Whether it's for watching sunsets, going to the beach, or late-night drives with friends, this summer playlist perfectly combines cheerful and sensational songs to keep us company all summer long. These top 50 summer songs are sure to help everyone embrace the freedom and joy...

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John Krasinskis new movie, IF, tells the heartwarming story of a girl reconnecting with imaginary friends.
IF’s lovable characters will re-spark your inner child
Sierra Goldberg and Sadie Weinberg June 9, 2024

Children’s comedy film IF, written and directed by John Krasinski, was released May 17 with a run time of 104 minutes. The movie taps into the themes of reconnecting with one’s inner child and appreciating aspects of adolescence, but despite the heartfelt message, it doesn’t reach its intended youth audience. IF follows a 12-year-old girl named Bea (Cailey Fleming) as she moves to New York...

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Wallows’ album cover for Model features a living room full of retro furniture.
Wallows’ newest album, Model, lacks versatility
Hanna Cortright, Cub Arts and Entertainment Editor • June 5, 2024

The alternative rock trio, Wallows, welcomed the summer of 2024 on May 24 with the release of their third studio album, Model. The band consists of vocalist-guitarists Braeden Lemasters and Dylan Minnette, as well as drummer-guitarist Cole Preston. The 12-track album is full of lively singles that are deserving of a spot on any beachside playlist. Wallows first began releasing songs independently...

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BottleRock Day Three: Vibrance and Volume
BottleRock Day Three: Vibrance and Volume
Ella Furuichi, Cub Editor-in-Chief • June 2, 2024

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Fans at BottleRock on Friday, May 26 sing along to Royel Otis performance.
BottleRock Day One: Fresh Flashbacks
Ella Furuichi and Luca Roy May 31, 2024

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Billie Eilishs Hit Me Hard and Soft album cover shows the artist submerged in a pool, facing a door.
Billie Eilish’s emotional and catchy album, Hit Me Hard and Soft, hits listeners hard
Hava Rossiter, Cub Arts and Entertainment Editor • May 29, 2024

On Friday, May 17, Billie Eilish released her third studio album, Hit Me Hard and Soft. The album features 10 tracks in which Eilish and singer-songwriter FINNEAS, her brother and producer, use a variety of genres and production elements to capture love, heartbreak, identity, and the pressures of fame.  Eilish began transforming the music industry with her debut album, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP,...

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Nick Brown and Amin Al-Jamal perform together at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma.
Local band Nekron 99 makes live debut
Audrey Tucker, Designer • May 29, 2024

On April 27, Nekron 99, a local band composed of Archie Williams alumni, made their live debut with their first album, Visions of the Trapdoor Man, at Petaluma’s Phoenix Theater. Three other bands performed that night: Milk for the Angry, Petra, and The Strange. The band, led by artist and arachnologist Amin Al-Jamal, alongside Nick Brown, an orchestrator of many Archie Williams theater productions,...

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Starbucks released two new bakery items, the Orange Cream Cake Pop and the Pineapple Cloud Cake.
Starbucks kicks off the season with a new summer menu
Zoe Levy and Sadie Weinberg May 24, 2024

On Tuesday, May 7, Starbucks debuted its new summer menu including the Summer Berry Refresher, the Summer Skies Drink, the Orange Cream Cake Pop, and the Pineapple Cloud Cake. Although the launch was highly anticipated, it, unfortunately, did not live up to the high standards set by Starbucks’ previous launches. The Summer Berry Refresher features a sweet mix of raspberry, blackberry, and...

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The Fall Guy Movie Poster
The Fall Guy delivers jaw-dropping stunts with an action-packed twist
Hava Rossiter, Cub Arts and Entertainment Editor • May 17, 2024

The Fall Guy was released May 3, with a run time of 126 minutes. Directed by David Leitch, The Fall Guy follows stuntman Colt Seavers (Ryan Gosling) on his journey to find the missing movie star of his ex-girlfriend's blockbuster film. Blending heart-stopping action, heartfelt romance, and witty humor, The Fall Guy offers a fresh take on action movies. Leitch's expertise as a former stuntman himself...

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