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Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS album cover released June 26, 2023. Final album released September 8, 2023.
Olivia Rodrigo releases devastatingly relatable album GUTS
Elsa Hunt, Reporter • September 22, 2023

20-year-old popstar Olivia Rodrigo finally released her long-awaited sophomore album GUTS September 8, 12:00 a.m. EST, garnering immense support from her fanbase of self-proclaimed “Livies”.  However, the release didn’t have the same degree of initial success as her first album, Sour, released May 2021. Many listeners reported negative first impressions, though they dissipated after giving...

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The Head and the Heart opened with an acoustic set, consisting of only three band members.
Goin’ “Down in the Valley” for the Head and the Hearts’ music festival
Ella Furuichi, News Editor • September 20, 2023

Nestled in the middle of downtown Napa Valley, the first Down in the Valley music festival took place at the Oxbow RiverStage, Saturday, Sept. 2, and Sunday, Sept. 3, featuring a lineup of nine talented artists and bands.  The festival headliner, The Head and the Heart, organized the event. For the band’s first time hosting a festival, the venue filled with music lovers by nightfall, despite...

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Honeyboys being interviewed following their performance at BottleRock Sunday, May 28.
Honeyboys create buzz at BottleRock
Dylan Carson, Managing Editor • June 25, 2023

On Sunday, May 28, Northern California boy band the Honeyboys took a big leap onto the BottleRock stage, playing alongside major artists like Lizzo and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The six person band consists of frontman Ari Eisenberg, guitarist Reese Gardner, bassist Nick Reeves, drummer Matt Sato, keyboardist Grady Gallagher and saxophonist Nathan Stanley.  Prior to meeting at SLO Days - an orientation...

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Dayglows lead singer Sloan Struble and guitarist Colin Crawford stand back-to-back as they both play their guitars at Bottle Rock 2023.
BottleRock Recap
Kyra Featherstone, Dylan Carson, and Willy Finley June 19, 2023

On Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28, a lineup of captivating musicians performed at BottleRock Napa Valley. The lineup started with smaller, rising artists and throughout the day rose to more popular artists with longer sets. Performer Lupe Fiasco started his set at 2:15 p.m. His hip hop-rap songs were vibrant and he frequently interacted with the audience, even making conversation with fans....

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The week of 5/21 Crumbl lineup is delicious! From left to right: Strawberry Cake, Dirt Cake, Banana Bread, and Chocolate Milk.
Column: What’s the cookie’s Crumbl?
Corina Karr and Mia DeNunzio May 31, 2023

What a chocolatey week! Crumbl Cookies, a Utah cookie shop turned national franchise, offers a menu which rotates weekly. The cookie selection for the week of 5/21 is delicious with strawberry and banana cookies, which perfectly complemented the delectable chocolate.    Dirt Cake: Dirt Cake combines the classic flavors of a chocolate cake into a cookie with the additions of chocolate oreo...

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Pictured here, Nancy Silverton’s Breads from the La Brea Bakery and I’m Just Here For the Food by Alton Brown are on display.
Top 5 Go-To Cookbooks
Peyton Price, Photographer • May 10, 2023

Everyone has to cook at least one time in their life. Some enjoy it, others don’t; some make a living out of it, others are really bad at it. Whatever your stance on cooking or baking is, there are numerous books out there to help improve anyone’s inner chef. From family-style dinner recipes to every type of bread imaginable, these are my top five go-to cookbooks.    All-Time Favorite...

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The ultimate prom playlist
The ultimate prom playlist
Kelsey Riemer, Brynn Galaich, Jasmin Desruisseau, Maddie Alsterline, and Peyton Price April 2, 2023

With all due respect to the organizers and the DJ, let’s be honest: in the past, our school dance music has been… less than adequate. The songs at recent dances have felt too familiar to  middle school dances, and no one wants to revisit those. But don’t fear, we’re here to put together the perfect playlist for our next and best dance, Prom 2023. Following is our list (in order) of what...

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Advanced Dramas Peregrine Players point wands during their production of the Harry Potter parody “Puffs”.
Puffs: Puts the P in Parody
Allison Bredow, Web and Social Media Manager • March 16, 2023

On March 15, Archie Williams’ Advanced Drama students debuted their show “Puffs”, a tale of the forgotten secondary characters in the Harry Potter franchise. The comedy play is told like a parody, and the jokes landed each and every time. The cast and crew displayed a wide variety of skills, making the audience laugh and cry with their performance.  Dressed up in their unbranded, sneakily...

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P!nks heartfelt singing and powerful vocals make her albums and performances entrancing.
TRUSTFALL represents the leaps of faith that life’s about
Kelsey Riemer, Reporter • March 13, 2023

P!nk, the three-time Grammy winning singer/songwriter, released her newest album TRUSTFALL Feb. 17, 2023. From the album cover, to the featured artists, to the meaning behind the name, P!nk’s ninth album is an emotional and powerful addition to her discography. The album cover features P!nk standing on top of a fallen tree, her wind blown rose-pink dress revealing her black army boots. P!nk looks...

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The “cocaine bear” in Cocaine Bear gets ahold of even more cocaine, and continues its rampage in a Georgia forest.
Cocaine Bear’s simple plot is roaringly hilarious
Brynn Galaich, Reporter • March 13, 2023

Cocaine Bear, directed by Elizabeth Banks and from Lord Miller Productions, is a campy, twisted, and hilarious film that is so bad, it’s good. After directing chick-flick-type movies such as Pitch Perfect 2 and Charlie’s Angels, this project is a step in an entirely new direction for Elizabeth Banks. Released Feb. 24, Cocaine Bear grossed 23.1 million dollars over its first weekend at the box...

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The 95th Academy Awards take place on Sunday March 12, 2023 at 5:00pm PDT.
10 Best Movie Oscar Nominees
Henry Pratt, Jasmin Desruisseau, Allison Bredow, Kyra Featherstone, and Dylan Carson March 11, 2023

Elvis: Released June 24, 2022,  Elvis, directed by Baz Luhrmann, holds up a magnifying glass to the early influences of Elvis Presley as an upcoming artist. The emphasis on his childhood upbringing, specifically his immersion in Black gospel, provides the audience with a look into the origins of Elvis’ music. However, this movie seemed to neglect the prominent opinion that Elvis exploited...

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Beginning drama students listed left to right, top to bottom, Jack Childs, Dylan OWard, Lili Walter, Hanna Janson, Jaden Nissen, Cavan Donery, Georgia Conway, Maisie Ferner, Zara Prime, and Maiya Porter smile together in preparation for their upcoming production.
Making space in the spotlight for the beginning drama students
Allison Bredow, Web and Social Media Manager • March 9, 2023

The spotlight often shines on Archie William’s advanced drama students, preparing for college and their creative careers. However, the time has come to open the curtain on beginning drama students as they explore their passions and grow in their craft. Archie Williams’ drama department has two sections, beginning and advanced. The two have separate productions throughout the year. Marian...

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