Oreos: the classic sandwich cookie and its spin-offs


Peyton Price

Ranked third best, the Mini Oreos make for a perfect snack.

Since 1912, Oreo has supplied consumers with a timeless sandwich cookie, consisting of two chocolate cookies encasing a sweet cream filling. From the start, they have produced an array of flavors, including Pumpkin Spice, Cherry Cola, Candy Corn, Birthday Cake, and Jelly Donut. Here are the first of many cookies that Oreo produced ranked from most delectable to least. 

Due to their unique flavor and smell, the Lemon Thin Oreos top the list of best Oreo cookies. (Peyton Price)

Lemon Thins:

Their first spin-off flavor, Lemon, came out in 1920. However, after failing to cultivate enough profit, they removed it from

shelves. That said, one can still buy Lemon Oreos for $17.97 off of Amazon. The modern twist on the flavor, Lemon Thins, are sold at an outrageous $10.25 on Amazon for 13 servings of four cookies (20 cents per cookie).

They aren’t too sweet nor too sour and have the perfect balance of cookie to cream. The lemon flavor has a light and fresh taste in comparison to the heavy chocolate of the other cookies. The smell upon opening the packaging could put a smile on anyone’s face. Looking past the price, these cookies are worth the cost, receiving five out of five feathers. 



The original Oreos have the classic sandwich cookie look and are the perfect quick, easy, and sweet treat for any time in the day. The flavors compliment each other superbly, solidifying their place as one of the best on this list. 

The Original Oreos offer three cookies per serving, with 12 servings per container, and sell for $4.49 at Safeway (8 cents per cookie). The regular-sized package complimented the cookies well, causing no broken pieces or mess of crumbs when opened.

Overall, these cookies earned four out of five feathers.



Making its debut in 1991, the Mini Oreo is exactly what one would think it is – the original Oreos, just mini. Overall, they taste and smell like the larger ones, with the right balance of cookie to cream. They give consumers the classic Oreo flavor in bite-sized form.

For $2.99 at Safeway, the consumer receives 9 cookies per serving with 12 servings per package (4 cents per cookie). Yet, when it comes to presentation, they are a little sloppier than other Oreo varieties. The fact that the packaging does not protect them from breaking during transportation contributed to this, earning them four out of five feathers as well.


Double Stuf:

The “Double Stuf” Oreo – a cookie with twice the cream – came out in 1972. Double Stuf Oreos were made for anyone with a sweet tooth. In this cookie, the sweet cream overpowers the taste of the chocolate cookie.

Even though some consumers may enjoy the additional cream, it brings the serving size down to only two cookies yet this also allows the package to hold 15 servings for the same price as the original, $4.49, at Safeway (15 cents per cookie). 

With the wider cookies, there is a surprising amount of empty space left inside the packaging. There could have been at least three more cookies in the spaces, earning them a score of three out of five feathers. 

Due to their confusing flavor profile, the Brookie-O Oreos come in at the bottom of the list. ( (Peyton Price)


Most recently, the Brookie-O flavor, described by the company as “Brownie, Original, and Cookie Dough,” has made its way back onto shelves as of Sept, 2022. Despite the overwhelming excitement from Oreo Fans after the return of the Brookie-O, the reality of the cookie is very underwhelming resulting in a score of one out of five feathers. 

The flavors of the Brookie-O cookies don’t compliment each other well. They have too much going on and smell too sweet. When opening the packaging, all the cookies appeared intact, but like the Double Stuf, the empty space inside could have housed more cookies. The cookies were much sloppier than photos and advertisements portrayed them, especially in terms of the awkward cream distribution.

These triple-layer cookies have three different flavors of cream in each cookie, with a two-cookie serving size but only 10 servings per container for $4.99, at Safeway (23 cents per cookie). However, due to the fact that the Brookie-O tasted like processed plastic, I would recommend sticking to the Original or Lemon Oreos.


Oreo had the right idea in the beginning. The Lemon Thins were by far the best, followed closely in descending order by the Original, the Minis, the Double Stuf, and the Brookie-O.