The ultimate Girl Scout Cookie ranking

Girl Scout cookie customer’s purchase of three boxes of Thin Mints, one box of Samoas, one box of Girl Scout Smores, and one box of Tagalongs

Chloe Levenson

Girl Scout cookie customer’s purchase of three boxes of Thin Mints, one box of Samoas, one box of Girl Scout Smores, and one box of Tagalongs

The familiar sight of rainbow-colored cookie boxes resting on top of their swiftly constructed tables is a sign to all grocery shoppers that, once again, Girl Scout Cookie season has returned. According to NPR, the cult-like following of these cookies has allowed Girl Scouts to sell 200 million boxes and make an 800 million dollar profit each year. Despite their extraordinary popularity, all cookies were certainly not created equally. Here is the ultimate rating of all the Girl Scout cookies sold in

California, from most scrumptious to least.

1. Samoas

Samoas are objectively the best out of all of the Girl Scout Cookies, no doubt about it. Crispy coconut cookies with caramel and chocolate drizzle, Samoas are deliciously unique, earning their rightful place at the top of this list.

2. Thin Mints

A pair of Girl Scouts’ most popular cookies, Thin Mints, pictured next to each other. (Chloe Levenson)

Making second on the list and a classic fan favorite, many consider these dark chocolate minty cookies to be the ultimate Girl Scout cookie. These thin, crispy cookies are surely delicious and the mint chocolate combination is fulfilling. With its vegan ingredients, Thin Mints have the perfect blend for everyone to enjoy. Despite this, they are not quite as delectable as Samoas which is why they received second place.

3. Tagalongs

Tagalongs are crispy chocolate-covered cookies, complete with their signature peanut butter filling. Despite the classic flavor combination, this cookie fails to address any hints of creativity. With its redundant flavor profile, cookies just like Tagalongs can be found in any dimly lit aisle at your nearest grocery store. However, as its iconic flavor makes up for its lack of individuality, these cookies really do “tag-along” behind Thin Mints and Samoas as the third position on this list.

4. Savannah Smiles

Savannah Smiles are wedge-shaped shortbread cookies dusted with powdered sugar and an authentic lemon flavor. Despite the disappointingly dry shortbread, the cookie itself tastes wonderful, earning a mediocre rank of four.

The top three Girl Scout cookies of this review; Tagalongs, Thin Mints, and Samoas pictured next to each other. (Chloe Levenson)

5. Do-si-dos

Similar to the Tagalong, Do-si-Dos have the signature Girl Scout peanut butter filling. These cookies, involving two dry oatmeal masses sandwiching a sad glob of peanut butter, lack any of the niceties involved in a classic Girl Scout Cookie. The oatmeal cookies are bland, making the peanut butter do all the heavy lifting in the overall taste. These overly rich and dense cookies are not bad enough to be ranked last, allowing them a charitable fifth place on the list. 

6. Toffee Tastic

When you eat a Toffee Tastic cookie, you will not taste the Toffee, nor describe it as fantastic. The supposed “rich, buttery cookies” covered in toffee bits lack any flavor and rely way too heavily on the overly sweet toffee bits for support. This odd and ill-conceived cookie ranks a mere six on this list. 

7. Girl Scout S’mores

A variety of unopened girl scout cookies ready to enjoy; including the highly ranked Samoas and Thin Mints, and the lacking Girl Scout Smores. (Chloe Levenson )

The smell of a campfire while roasting a s’more will quite possibly be the last thing in your head as you bite down on a Girl Scout S’mores cookie. A more common thought would be artificial chocolate flavoring, overly sweet marshmallows, and an overall lack of any of the delightful cohesiveness of a delicious s’more. With this squandered opportunity to make an original and decadent cookie, the Girl Scout S’more cookie should be avoided by any seeking a quality treat.

8. Trefoils 

Trefoils: classic, nostalgic, and overtly boring. A lackluster cookie, the Trefoil consists of a shortbread cookie in the shape of the Girl Scout emblem. Without any signs of advancement from its conception back in 1922, the Trefoil may function as an add-on to ice cream or coffee, but eating it alone will only lead to disappointment. Although the taste is palatable, it is not original nor exciting, placing it at the very bottom of this list.