A year in lockdown with HS 1327 News


Jack Reuter

Taken April 13, 2020

A year ago today, we had our first day of online school. Now we’re two weeks into a hybrid model of school, and it’s been quite a year. From COVID-19 concerns to the entertainment world and everything in between, a lot has happened. Here are some of HS 1327’s best stories during the time of COVID-19, including news, features, opinions, music, tv, and movie reviews, and sports. 

March 2020

Emily Cardwell

COVID-19 concern causes TUHSD school closures      

By: Kelsey Riemer

School at home. To the tune of “When will my life begin” from “Tangled”     

By: Alexandra Fry

Books that are terrible to read during a shelter in place order     

By: Alexandra Fry

Bay Area Shelter in Place explained      

By: Jack Reuter

April 2020

Sophomore Luke Willis tears through mud on the trails of Swasey.
Photo courtesy of Katherine Csizmadia

Coronavirus puts mountain biking season in peril after successful first race

By: Jack Reuter

TUHSD offers free meals for families in need starting April 13      

By: Emily Cardwell 

Virtual spirit week aims to reconnect student body during pandemic      

By: Sarah Barsky

COVID-19 pandemic outlines the need for paid sick leave      

By: Nick Anthony 

Nightly howl unites community amid COVID-19 crisis      

By: Alice Simenstad 

Mental health days should be as normalized as sick days      

By: Samantha Parr

May 2020

Emily Cardwell

Budget cuts bring drastic changes to TUHSD journalism programs      

By: Melissa Auchard

ASB election results influenced by unparalleled circumstances      

By: Melissa Auchard

June 2020

A protestor preaches to the crowd about racial injustice.
(Emma Rose Neal)

San Anselmo gathers in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement      

By: Melissa Auchard

Marin City unites to protest racial injustice      

By: Melissa Auchard

The 12 Days of Quarantine     

By: Jeannette West

August 2020 

The facade of the High School 1327 Gymnasium now stripped of all signage relating to Sir Francis Drake. Aug. 2020 (Toby Gibbons)

Students seek school identity and unity amid controversial name change      

By: Jack Long and Samantha Parr

First evacuation order issued during Point Reyes fire      

By: Emily Cardwell

September 2020

Anderson (left) and Racine (right) examine a controlled burn along Limantour Road.
(Melissa Auchard)

Confrontation between Tiburon police and shop owner sparks backlash against police      

By: Henry Pratt

Tips for protesting safely

By: Genevieve Peterson

Drake alumni group opposes name change      

By: Georgia Schroeder

The complicated reality behind fighting the Woodward Fire

By: Melissa Auchard and Emma Hablett

October 2020

Promotional material courtesy of Netflix

Homeless population could take greatest hit as wildfire seasons intensify

By: Samantha Parr

Goodbye Ruth Bader Ginsberg, may your memory be a revolution

By: Samantha Parr, Alice Simenstad, Kelsey Riemer, Melissa Auchard, Avery Yudice, Dylan Carson, Georgia Schroeder, and Katie Hausammann

COVID-19 can’t slow down Boys’ Cross Country team

By: Ellis Chamberlin

An in-depth look at the lives and experiences of female firefighters in Northern California

By: Alice Simenstad 

Boys’ water polo team remains united amid COVID-19 safety concerns      

By: Avery Yudice

“Enola Holmes” breaks stereotypes and empowers young women      

By: Samantha Parr

Virtual Halloween spirit week celebrations engage student body      

By: Samantha Parr

Changing Mondays to advisory days would improve students’ schoolwork and mental health

By: Fiona Swan

November 2020

Pond Farm Brewing Company a brewpub in San Rafael on Tuesday, September 15 (Isabella Nash)

Local businesses are forced to adapt to COVID-19 safety regulations

By: Henry Pratt

Marin wildfires ravage local ecosystems, forcing wildlife to flee

By: Dominic Haggard

New local French restaurant Amelie serves unique and eccentric dishes      

By: Dylan Carson

Owners and staff have to face the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic as local restaurants are allowed to reopen     

By: Isabella Nash

DLC votes to continue name change process      

By: Georgia Schroeder

December 2020

A look at social distanced desks in room 224 for hybrid school. (Melissa Auchard)

Artists brighten San Anselmo through colorful utility box paintings      

By: Ellis Chamberlin 

High School 1327 introduces new COVID-19 safety protocols for on-campus learning 

By: Dylan Carson and Melissa Auchard

Staff Recommendations: the Top 8 Christmas Movies      

By: Aler Giffin, Alice Simenstad, Brynn Galaich, and Sophia Minutoli

Staff Recommendations: The Seven Worst Shark Movies      

By: Aler Giffin, Brynn Galaich, and Jack Long

January 2021

The High School 1327 campus lies silent as the school awaits reopening. (Jack Long)

Soccer teams adjust to COVID-19 restrictions as practices ramp up in the Bay Area

By: Isabella Nash 

Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song “Drivers License” is proof of a pop sensation in the making      

By: Fiona Swan

Drake Leadership Council responds to Coast Miwok Tribal Council of Marin’s suggestion for replacement name      

By: Sophia Minutoli

TUHSD prepares to reopen amid skepticism from the student body      

By: Jack Long

Sloppy sequel “Wonder Woman 1984” fails precedent set by the original movie      

By: Aler Giffin

American white privilege demonstrated once again at Capitol insurrection

By: Katie Hausammann and Kelsey Riemer

High School 1327 premieres official name change plan      

By: Madie Butler

February 2021

Depiction of a judge’s gavel coming down to an impeachment verdict.
(Dominic Haggard)

Pixar’s latest movie “Soul” explores the before life with a mixture of modern jazz, confusing storylines, and signature animation      

By: Ellis Chamberlin

Marin Health begins vaccine distribution, schools and local businesses expect to reopen      

By: Genevieve Peterson

Impeached…again? What Trump’s second impeachment means for American history

By: Avery Yudice 

First round of student name change voting narrow 79 possible school names to final 8      

By: Georgia Schroeder

High School 1327 announces plan to return to in-person learning on March 2      

By: Samantha Parr

Five fantastic multiplayer video games to play with your friends      

By: Jack Long 

March 2021

An illustration of Harriet Tubman, a fierce abolitionist and one of history’s most powerful figures. (Katie Hausammann)

Putting Harriet Tubman on American currency is an insult to her legacy

By: Katie Hausammann

Teachers express conflicted feelings about start of hybrid learning

By: Isabella Nash

HS 1327 Cross Country season begins with a bang

By: Ellis Chamberlin