TUHSD offers free meals for families in need starting April 13


Jon Weller

Friday, April 3, families of the Tamalpais High School District (TUHSD) received either a phone call or email from Student Nutrition Director Lisa Herberg regarding student nutrition services amid school closures.    


With the closure of schools across America, students are faced with a crisis somehow more urgent than coronavirus: hunger. According to The Southern Education Foundation, approximately 51% of U.S public school students are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. School closures raise the question of how families will compensate for the loss of free meals amongst a time of financial struggles.


To aid these anxieties, TUHSD will provide meal services beginning April 13 to any student under the age of 18 if they feel they are in need. These meals will be available at Redwood High School every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in the East parking lot of Redwood High School until school resumes or summer break, which starts June 11.


If a student or family member has a compromised immune system, staying healthy should be a priority. Regarding complications with pickup, students are encouraged to reach out to their principals if they are unable to drive to Redwood High School. 


Previously, families were eligible for free or reduced-price school meals under specific criteria, such as being on food stamps. These criteria, however, will be waived due to the unique circumstances the district and the world find themselves in. 


All students under age 18, regardless of their financial status, will be able to pick up free, non-perishable meals starting April 13. Ideally, this service will alleviate stress during these unprecedented times.