High School 1327 premieres official name change plan

On Jan. 21, The Drake Leadership Council (DLC) announced the official name change plan for High School 1327 (HS 1327). After a meeting on Jan. 14, which was continued on Jan. 21, the DLC adopted a process for deciding a new name for HS 1327. A sub-committee narrowed down the list of 500 names suggested by the community to 79, using the Guiding Principles approved by the DLC. The process outline is available on the HS 1327 website under “DLC – Name Change.”

Students, staff, parents, and community members can participate in the first round of the process, which will narrow the list of 79 potential names down to eight. Liz Seabury sent out emails to the community containing information on how to vote; voting is also available through the HS 1327 website. Students received an email on Thursday afternoon, and are able to vote now through the Google Form linked in the email. 

Your voice is the most important in the process and we are so happy to have your participation! …All of our stakeholders (staff, students, parents/guardians, and the community at large) have a voice in this process.” Seabury said in the email.

Participants can select up to three names from the list. Each name will include a small blurb provided by the submitter, explaining why the name would be a good fit for the school. People who wish to participate in the vote have until Feb. 3 to complete their submission.

After the eight names are decided they will enter a bracket system where voters can vote on their top choice.The entire process is planned to take place up until Mar. 25, when the DLC will approve the name and submit it to the superintendent. 

After the name is decided, the DLC will start the process of deciding on a new mascot. The decision for the new mascot will be student-driven with students representing 75% of the vote. The other 25% will belong to staff. Parents and other community members will not have a say in mascot choice.

The DLC hopes for optimal turnout regarding the input of the HS 1327 community during the name change.