School at home. To the tune of “When will my life begin” from “Tangled”

Eight a.m, time for the new morning lineup.

Get online, for the digital school routine.

Econ and math, street law, and lit, theater directing.

Math again and by then it’s like 9:15

And so I’ll read a book,

From my mom’s library.

I’ll try to watercolor, and fail miserably.

I’ll play “Ode to Joy” mildly offkey,

Just wonder when will the quarantine end?

Then it’s lunch, from my Costco run rations.

Dance in my room, listening to Adele.

Trying to improve my handwriting.

Think it’s late, it’s 2:00, and think to myself “Well”

And so I’ll read more books, 

At Least I got plenty.

Watercolor again, why can’t I paint a tree? 

And then I’ll brush and braid,

and then brush my hair.

Sitting in my room since 10:00 a.m

And I keep thinking, and hoping,

And praying, and wondering.

When will this quarantine end?

And I feel really bad, 

Because this is serious.

People are dying, all over the world.

What was it like?

Before the WHO declared pandemic.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, 

But I’m looking forward to school.