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The pinnacle of Falcon journalism

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Jackson Greer (Jake Allyn) overcome with anguish as he faces his actions at the funeral of the young boy that he killed.

“No Man’s Land” deliverers a strong message of racial empathy amongst an exasperating build-up

Aler Giffin, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 24, 2021

“No Man’s Land” released Jan. 22, 2021, takes an unconventional approach to address the immigration controversy prevalent along the Texas-Mexico border. Available on popular platforms Youtube and...

A player places shock traps on reinforced walls in preparation for an enemy attack.

Five fantastic multiplayer video games to play with your friends

Jack Long February 24, 2021

Finding new games for your friend group to play and enjoy is often a struggle. The following is a list of five incredible video games of different genres that emphasize multiplayer gameplay. Not all of...

Joe and 22 explore the Hall of Everything in the before-life in hopes of finding 22’s passion for life on Earth.

Pixar’s latest movie “Soul” explores the before life with a mixture of modern jazz, confusing storylines, and signature animation

Ellis Chamberlin, Sports Editor February 1, 2021

“Soul,” released on Dec. 25, 2020, showcases a complicated plotline with few redeeming qualities, inevitably falling short given Pixar’s past box office successes. The animation delivers, but the...

Angie and Emma spending quality time together at Emma’s house

New feel-good movie “The Prom:” provides heartwarming support to the LGBTQ+ community

Maddie Biegel, Podcast Producer January 29, 2021

“The Prom,'' released Dec. 11, 2020 by Netflix is a heartwarming movie centered around acceptance for all. This uplifting movie is perfect for families and suitable for all ages. “The Prom'' is...

Caption: D.G. Cafe’s delightfully scrumptious triple shot latte, chocolate croissant, and Mt. Baldy BLT, waiting to be devoured.

New D.G. Cafe in downtown San Anselmo offers a sandwich menu that will make you melt at the first bite

Madie Butler January 27, 2021

Defying Gravity (D.G.) Cafe, located on San Anselmo Avenue, shows a love for their community with locally sourced ingredients and cleverly named menu items.  The family-owned cafe opened in 2020, serving...

Diana Prince, AKA Wonder Woman, uses her powers to fight armored vehicles in one of the few decent action sequences.

Sloppy sequel “Wonder Woman 1984” fails precedent set by the original movie

Aler Giffin, Arts and Entertainment Editor January 20, 2021

“Wonder Woman 1984,” (WW84) released Dec. 25, 2020, showcases a mediocre plotline and convoluted, unexplained scenes, leaving an overall sense of discontent among fans of the original film. “WW84”...

Olivia Rodrigo, who just released a single, Drivers License, is making waves in the pop charts. Promotional material courtesy of Interscope Records.

Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song “Drivers License” is proof of a pop sensation in the making

Fiona Swan January 14, 2021

Olivia Rodrigo is an American actress who is widely known for her appearance on the 2019 television series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” Throughout the show Rodrigo flaunted her musical...

“After” sequel disappoints viewers by romanticizing toxic relationships

“After” sequel disappoints viewers by romanticizing toxic relationships

Fiona Swan January 11, 2021

“After We Collided,” an unsatisfactory romance movie, released on Oct. 23, 2020 to Netflix, projects a passionate, yet toxic romance between an innocent small town college girl and an emotionally damaged...

Staff Recommendations: The Seven Worst Shark Movies

Aler Giffin, Brynn Galaich, and Jack Long December 18, 2020

The staff of HS 1327 news has put together a compilation of what we presume to be the worst shark movies available. Jurassic Shark By Aler Giffin “Jurassic Shark,” released Apr. 20, 2012 should...

Staff Recommendations: the Top 8 Christmas Movies

This holiday season, the staff of High School 1327 News put together a list of our top eight recommended Christmas movies for you to enjoy. Let us know your favorite in the poll below. #8- It’s A Wonderful...

Promotional Material of Look to the Sky Films and Wild West Picture Show Productions

The Opening Act misleads moviegoers by calling itself a comedy

Dresden Calabrese, Business Manager December 3, 2020

“The Opening Act”, produced by Vince Vaughn and Peter Billingsley, released on Oct.16, is a sloppy comedy lacking in humor. As the narrative was about the journey of a comedian, viewers expected a...

Borat (2) keeps true to its roots and leaves viewers falling into confusion.

Borat (2) keeps true to its roots and leaves viewers falling into confusion.

Aler Giffin, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 15, 2020

“Borat Subsequent Movie Film: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan,” released on Oct. 30 to Amazon Prime, takes an unscripted look at...

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