TRUSTFALL represents the leaps of faith that life’s about


Kelsey Riemer

P!nk’s heartfelt singing and powerful vocals make her albums and performances entrancing.

P!nk, the three-time Grammy winning singer/songwriter, released her newest album TRUSTFALL Feb. 17, 2023. From the album cover, to the featured artists, to the meaning behind the name, P!nk’s ninth album is an emotional and powerful addition to her discography.

The album cover features P!nk standing on top of a fallen tree, her wind blown rose-pink dress revealing her black army boots. P!nk looks back in the direction of the viewer, exhibiting the feminine power that so many have come to associate the artist with. 

TRUSTFALL opens with the heartfelt piano ballad “When I Get There,” a heart-wrenching song about grieving a loved one. P!nk’s father passed away in Aug. 2021, this song is a tribute to him – although P!nk said she couldn’t write it herself, it was written by Amy Wadge and David Hodges.

“When you lose a parent it feels like a suitcase that you’ll be unpacking for the rest of your life, and I haven’t even pulled mine out from under the bed yet,”

— P!nk on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

This is a song many listeners can relate to, whether or not they’ve lost a parent. With lyrics like; “I’ll make some mistakes and you’ll watch me as I live them/ Till I’m through, till I’m with you.” “When I Get There” reminds us that life is fleeting, and we must treasure the time we have with our loved ones.

The album’s namesake, “TRUSTFALL”, is an inspirational pop-synth song. Boasting P!nk’s strong vocals, an upbeat, fast paced melody, and flawless songwriting, “TRUSTFALL” perfectly delivers the message of this album.
“It takes a lot of trust to be a human being these days,” P!nk said when discussing the meaning behind naming the album. 

Album cover for P!nk’s ninth album, TRUSTFALL – released Feb. 17, 2023. (Promotional material courtesy of RCA Records)

P!nk also shared on The Late Show that she sees and recognizes the difficulties that many experience with everyday life. Simple activities like going to work, being in public, and being a woman can be quite anxiety inducing nowadays. 

P!nk is a mother of two and spends a lot of time around teens, observing all the anxiety floating around among younger generations. She sees the struggles that society goes through everyday, and sings openly about it. 

TRUSTFALL conveys how comforting it is to see influential artists representing more than excellent music.

The writer and singer of hits like “Just Give Me a Reason (feat. Nate Ruess)” and “What About Us,” uses her ninth album to capture the trepidation of what it means to be a human – something that so many have been struggling with in the last few years. 

TRUSTFALL tackles not only deep emotions like P!nk’s previous albums, but also situates itself into the complicated social and political aspects of our current world – like women’s rights and the global pandemic. 

This is P!nk’s first album since her 2019 Hurts 2B Human. In the four years since her last album, the world has suffered a global pandemic, various racial injustice awakenings, and the loss of federal protection to abortion. 

From this world suffering has emerged TRUSTFALL, an album perfectly balanced between down tempo and up tempo songs, that reflects and empathizes with the emotions that we all feel everyday. 

Although P!nk has always produced meaningful music, this album has extra purpose as it’s representative of so many people’s feelings, worries, and healing process in this broken world. Overall, TRUSTFALL earns a four and a half out of five feathers.