Puffs: Puts the P in Parody


Ezra Thaler

Advanced Drama’s Peregrine Players point wands during their production of the Harry Potter parody “Puffs”.

On March 15, Archie Williams’ Advanced Drama students debuted their show “Puffs”, a tale of the forgotten secondary characters in the Harry Potter franchise. The comedy play is told like a parody, and the jokes landed each and every time. The cast and crew displayed a wide variety of skills, making the audience laugh and cry with their performance. 

Nolan Marsh cast a spell with his wand. His acting was superb, playing the role of Harry. (Ezra Thaler)

Dressed up in their unbranded, sneakily uncopyrighted school uniforms, the cast utilizes the stage perfectly. Wands light up, costumes change throughout the show, and with short and sweet scenes, this show isn’t one to miss.

Lead characters, Wayne (Skylar Hellman), Megan (Ashleigh Farnsworth), and Oliver (Roy Quaas), are the “Golden Trio” of the Puff house (traditionally Hufflepuffs). The audience observes the characters as they watch the plot of Harry Potter unfold and make their way through seven years in a “Certain School of Magic.” Branded as the unnecessary side characters, the Puffs are often pushed aside, but in this story, they are taking back the narrative and telling their forgotten perspective of Harry Potter. 

Siena Michelson narrates parts of the the performance from an upper level in the little theater. (Ezra Thaler)

The relationships between characters flow seamlessly through their seven years in wizarding school. Perfectly matched with their costume shifts, the performances allow the audience to fall in love with these characters as they are thrown into more and more dangerous, yet hilarious situations. The set represents a school classroom, hallway, and common room all with some simple and seamless changes.

Ending with shocking twists and sudden turns, this show had everyone on the edge of their seat, shouting at the stage, and rooting for their favorite characters. Puffs certainly earned five out of five feathers.

Clara Bohner holds the golden egg, a key plot piece in the play. (Ezra Thaler)

Being performed at Archie Williams’ Little Theater, Puffs runs through March 18, with two separate casts performing different shows. For more information, head to awhsdramadepartment.weebly.com or follow them on Instagram, @peregrineplayersofawhs.

The Puffs slow dance together in their high school dance. (Ezra Thaler)