New Falcons soar as the school year kicks off with spirited rally

Senior Owen Bugas and senior Sutter OBrien cheer each other on in front of the Senior section.
Senior Owen Bugas and senior Sutter O’Brien cheer each other on in front of the Senior section.
Luca Roy


On Aug. 23, the Archie Williams Falcons began the school year with a bang, hosting a successful school-wide rally. Led by the newly-appointed ASB officials, the rally welcomed frosh with loud cheers and friendly grade rivalry.

Peer Resource member and senior Kyle Fredrickson riles up Archie Williams students with the “spirit can”. (Maddie Alsterlind)

For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, Archie Williams held the first day of school rally inside the gym. ASB president Charley O’Neil feels that starting off with a successful indoor rally set school spirit up for success this year.

“[When I joined] ASB in COVID recovery, events and rallies were nowhere near their potential… Planning the day one rally during summer was just a chance to show that we’re back with more hype than ever, and we actually know what we’re doing this year,” Charley said. 

The rally started with the school year’s first PTV, which comically demonstrated the difference between the first day of freshman year and senior year. Later, the junior and senior classes took turns yelling out the falcon chant, each attempting to be the loudest grade. Then, to welcome the frosh with school spirit, all four grades did the final falcon chant together. 

Clapping erupted when senior Kyle Fredrickson ran into the gym with the colorfully-decorated Spirit Can. When Kyle lifted the lid from the can, students enthusiastically screamed, uniting the classes. 

To end the rally, each grade sent two representatives to participate in a relay race, complete with spinning in circles, paper streamer finish lines, and a three-legged race. Each class cheered their representatives on, with the junior representatives ultimately winning. 

ASB president Charley O’Neil and ASB vice president Max Lefferts lead the school in the falcon chant. (Maddie Alsterlind)

“​​I’m so happy with all the hype each grade brought today at the rally. It really shows this year’s potential and helps get the ball rolling for excitement around school events to come,” Charley said.

For the class of 2024’s first time occupying the senior section in the gym, many of them showed their class spirit by wearing customized senior jerseys and sporting green face paint.

“It was really fun being a senior at a rally. Everyone was super excited to be in the senior section wearing matching jerseys. It’s pretty cool that everyone kinda knows [all of their classmates] now,” said senior Kathleen Swett.

ASB vice president Max Lefferts and third-year ASB member has high hopes for this year’s group of leaders.

“I can confidently say we have the best group of kids to get things done and make this a truly incredible year. All of our leadership positions have been filled by very capable people, and it’s awesome to be able to make these rallies the best they can be,” Max said.

Next up for ASB is the homecoming dance Oct. 21, which entails a spirit week, school rally, homecoming court, and football game. While the upcoming rally is still in the early stages of planning, students and ASB look forward to gathering together in the gym once again. 


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