Archie Williams indoor rally fosters school spirit


Luca Roy

Sophomore Meera Gordon is hoisted in the air by Dance Troupe during their performance.

To conclude the February spirit week, Archie Williams hosted their very first indoor rally since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The rally consisted of multiple unique dances performed by Archie Williams sports teams while Arichie Wiliam’s leadership included observers in spirited chants. The rally sparked overwhelming enthusiasm, demonstrating the strength of school spirit to students.

Due to the pandemic’s abrupt  halt on social functions in 2020, all school events, including indoor rallies, were canceled until 2023.

 “[My last indoor rally] was in freshman year. It was the most fun I’ve had at this school,” said senior Kaleb Simmons.

As part of the February spirit week, Friday was class color day, prompting freshmen to dress in orange, sophomores in green, juniors in blue, and seniors in pink. Upon entering campus for their morning classes, members of ASB greeted Archie WIlliams students and applied corresponding face paint based on one’s class color.  

Senior Class President Jack Long runs into the gym with an Archie Williams flag as students cheer for him from the bleachers. (Luca Roy)

At 9:50 a.m, Archie Williams students left their fourth period classes and were led into the main gym by staff and leadership. Archie Williams staff and ASB members separated freshmen, sophomores, and juniors by grade level and seated them on the bleachers while seniors waited in the foyer and outside the gym. Shortly after, seniors made their grand entrance into the gym by running across the basketball court to “Family Ties” by Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar. 

Following the senior’s entrance, Archie Williams Peer Resource delivered a brief presentation, followed by choreographed dances from Dance Troupe, Turf Girls, Bleach Boys, and Archie Williams boys basketball to celebrate the end of the Winter Sports season.

 “I thought it was really fun, much better than the outdoor rallies,” said junior Jade Alberti, after her first indoor rally at Archie Williams. 

The rally also proved popular with underclassmen. 

“It was pretty awesome and spirited. I’m really excited [for the next indoor rally], especially the Dance Troupe,” said freshman Joey Griffin

Dance Troupe’s performance impressed students, specifically when dance troupe member and sophomore, Meera Gordon, did the splits while being held and spun in the air by the rest of the troupe. 

“When that girl did the splits, Meera, and they spun her in the air, that was very cool,” said junior Dash Wagner

Students and teachers alike are ecstatic to see what spirited events ASB comes up with next.