Beach Themed spring rally generates school spirit


Genevieve Peterson

AWHS freshman Paige Murphy pies Luca Genovese after the home run derby.

AWHS junior Austin Lapine swings for the fences during the home run derby. (Genevieve Peterson)

On Friday, May 20, beach-attired students gathered on the Falcon football field for the second rally of the year after a long hiatus from any events organized by Associated Student Body (ASB). This rally marked the second outdoor rally after recovering from the COVID-19 quarantine period. The beach themed rally celebrated prom, which happened a few weeks prior on April 30, and the end of the school year.

The rally featured the Varsity baseball team, who had students volunteer to bat and attempt to hit a “homerun” over the fence behind the bleachers. Successful students were given the pleasure of throwing a pie in the face of a Varsity baseball player. Shortly thereafter, ASB hosted a game of musical chairs, leading up to Dance Troupe’s last performance of the year.

ASB originally planned to host the rally earlier in the school year, coinciding with prom in late April, however, it was moved back to May 20. 

“There was a lot of controversy with the date of the rally. We wanted to have it earlier and then it got pushed and we weren’t sure if we were gonna have it or not,” said ASB sophomore Charley O’Neil “[The rally] was a real challenge to plan but we got it. We did it and that’s what’s important.”

AWHS junior Angel Amador yanks the final chair out from under sophomore Liam Hughes during the final round of musical chairs. (Genevieve Peterson)

Originally, the May 20 rally was going to be held indoors, making it the first indoor rally since the 2019 school year. However, due to COVID-19 safety concerns and the recent rise in cases, it was moved outdoors. 

AWHS senior Kyle Ford pies junior Leo Battaglia after the home run derby. (Genevieve Peterson)

“I think it was good for an outdoor rally but it would’ve definitely been better if it was inside,” Charley said.

Junior Ava Thomas says that she prefers indoor rallies over the outdoor rallies AWHS has held over the past year. She believes that indoor rallies are more spirited and bring a better sense of camaraderie.

“At the rallies freshman year, I feel like people were way more into it,” Ava said. “I feel like there [was] more school spirit going.”

Although some students may have felt that the rally was less impressive than many 2019 rallies before COVID-19, it is an intended step towards returning to a pre-quarantine community.

AWHS freshman Paige Murphy winds up during the home run derby on Friday. (Genevieve Peterson)