Spirit Day Five: final rally for 2023 seniors


Luca Roy

Archie Williams Dance Troupe makes their grand entrance to the tune of “Emperors March”.

To end the Prom Spirit Week, Archie Williams hosted an indoor rally with a black light theme. It included performances from the Dance Troupe, unique skits from the Baseball team, and presentations on alcohol safety from the PR leadership class. The rally sparked excitement and enthusiasm among upperclassmen going into prom weekend.

This particular rally held extra meaning for the seniors as it’s the last rally they will participate in. 

“It was good but it felt short…. rallies are exciting and we are not going to have that in college; it won’t be the same as high school,” said senior Forest Ross.

As the final spirit day, Friday was Star Wars day, driving everyone to “dress as a stormtrooper.” ASB encouraged students to wear white to enhance the black lights set up in the gym.

Archie Williams sophomores cheer from the front of their section. (Luca Roy)

After checking in for attendance in fourth period, ASB students, sporting white clothes and neon green face paint, ushered Archie Williams students into the big gym.Students walked into a dark gymnasium filled with black and neon lights, creating a vibrant atmosphere by playing songs such as “Heads Will Roll”  by JVH-C & Yeah Yeah Yeahs.After all the classes were seated, the energy among students was noticeable, especially in the senior section. 

“I think that it was a great way to boost school spirit going into the final stretch of the year,” said junior Jacob Ranke.

A rally highlight was the dance performed at the beginning of the rally by the Archie Williams’ Dance Troupe. Sophomore Dylan Donner enjoyed the performance. 

“I think [the] dance had so much variety. It was cool to see the dancers transition from group dancing to individual moves,” Dylan said.

ASB coordinates all spirit weeks and morale-boosting events and ensures that everything runs smoothly. They aim to create a fun and memorable experience for everyone, but particularly the seniors. With this, the dance troupe primarily faced the senior section of the gym.

We spend a lot of time planning not only rallies but events that the whole student body can feel a part of and be able to enjoy. This means taking into consideration the diverse student body that Archie Williams has and doing everything we can to represent our students and ensure that everyone is excited to be at our events,” said junior and ASB member Audrey Poster.

Rallies are always an event for students to look forward to, but now students will have to wait until next year to enjoy them again.