Spirit Day Two: Snow Day


Noah Stuart

Senior Frankie Fradelizio lunges toward a dodgeball during the Snow Day dodgeball game.

On Feb. 7, Archie Williams students dressed in their favorite Winter garments as part of Spirit Week. Playing off of the snow theme, ASB invited students to a “snowball fight” during lunch.

Archie Williams students could be seen in an assortment of warm clothing including, but not limited to, snow gear such as goggles, fleeces, and windbreakers. 

At approximately 11:45 a.m., students and teachers participated in a dodgeball game, or “snowball fight,” hosted in the main gym. The match, which lasted until the end of lunch, had two teams. The gym speakers were on, playing student favorites while the 50-person dodgeball game took place.

“I thought today was very fun and creative, and I loved seeing everyone dressed up in their snow gear,” said sophomore Skyler Coe.

Tuesday’s theme —dubbed “Snow Day”— coordinated by ASB, attempted to carry on with Archie Williams’ winter spirit.

 “We’re coming out from Winter Break so we were trying to keep the [Winter] festivities going since we have Winter Formal coming up on Saturday,” said sophomore and ASB member Caroline Lozaw.