Spirit Day Four: Adam Sandler Day


James Gregor

Seniors Gabby Lynch and Sophia Nowlen pose in their Adam Sandler costumes.

On Thursday at Archie Williams, students dressed up to celebrate Adam Sandler spirit day. Graphic tees and long baggy shorts were the theme with accessories such as baseball caps and sunglasses added to the outfit. Inspired by Adam Sandler, students played a game of knockout in the gym during lunch.

Last year, Adam Sandler grew in popularity among teenagers, as his laid back style and love for basketball was relatable and comedic. To honor this trend, ASB asked students to imitate his style. Josh Dixon, a freshman at Archie Williams, looked forward to dressing up for this spirit day.

“I like Adam Sandler [day] and I don’t like the other [spirit days], I went off of what my brother did last year,” Josh said.

Similar to Josh, junior Kathleen Swett found this day as one of the most successful of the week.

“I feel like especially this week there wasn’t that much spirit. Overall I think this day was the best, besides class colors day,” Kathleen said. A key aspect of the popularity of a spirit day depends on the accessibility of the theme. Compared to other days like snow day and Zoom fit day, Adam Sandler day reached a wider audience.

ASB members participate in the lunchtime activity, Knockout, for Adam Sandler day (James Gregor)

“I chose to dress up because I had everything, but I did take some things off because I didn’t see anyone dressed up,” Kathleen said.

Dressed appropriately for the lunchtime activity, Archie Williams students headed to the gym to play a round of knockout. Although participation was lacking, the gym offered a popular childhood game accompanied by music to celebrate the spirit day.

After its second time as a spirit day, Adam Sandler day proves a forever favorite among Archie Williams students.