Spirit Day Three: Zoom Fit


Photo courtesy of ASB

Seniors Frankey Fradelizio, Luke Calegari, Kai Nissen, Kaleb Simmons and Avery Chapman dress up for “Zoom Fit” day during spirit week.

Wednesday, Feb. 8, marked Day Three of Archie Williams’ spirit week. For the theme “Zoom Fit,” students filled the hallways dressed in business casual tops and pajama bottoms and competed in a game of Kahoot during lunch.

Playing on the relaxed style that complemented online school, the theme Zoom Fit encouraged students to dress in formal tops paired with informal bottoms. This highlighted the limited camera vision of computers used for online school, as only the top is visible. Senior Avery Chapman enjoyed this spirit day, specifically the clothes she got to wear.

Evan Ticknor and Principal White pose in their “Zoom Fits” on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2023. (Photo courtesy of ASB)

“I decided to wear sweatpants and a t-shirt from Stewart Hall,” Avery said.

Freshmen Silas Eyler chose to participate in this spirit day as well, unlike the majority of Archie Williams students.

“I like to participate in school spirit, [but] I haven’t seen that many people [dressed up]… hopefully it will get better [throughout the week],” Silas said.

To accompany the online school themed day, ASB gathered participants in the student center to play against each other in a Kahoot. The first, second, and third place winners of the random trivia Kahoot received Archie Williams merchandise. These prizes included pennants, tote bags, and lanyards.

Approaching the end of spirit week, Zoom Fit proved one of the least popular themes  among students.