Falcon spirit soars during spirit week


Jordan Oliver-Roa

AWHS sophomores Atticus Bliss-Mchone and Lenni Wiest join together in lumberjack harmony.

During the week of Aug. 29, the Associated Student Body (ASB) commenced AWHS’ first spirit week of the 2022-2023 school year. Inviting students to dress in fun outfits, the week was meant to instill a sense of community among students.

On Monday, Aug. 29, ASB encouraged students to dress up as current media sensations, the Minions. After recent viral trends popularized the Minion franchise, most students jumped at the opportunity to dress up in the familiar blue overalls.

Senior Lucas Nerelli gets to class in formal minion attire. (Jordan Oliver-Roa)

During the lunch period, students of all grades made their way to the cafeteria to participate in karaoke. Songs such as “My Boogie Shoes” by KC and the Sunshine Band, and “Fly me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra were a few crowd-pleasers. 

To follow Minion Monday, ASB organized Twin Day, a day where students could wear matching outfits with their friends. Whether this was matching shoes or complete matching outfits, ASB encouraged students to collaborate with each other.

ASB organized a three-legged race, where one of each twin’s legs would be tied together, on the baseball field during lunch.

“I saw a few three-legged races in which people were falling and laughing…,”  said junior Lucy Lafave. “Overall excellent effort from ASB, [and I have] high expectations for their next event.”

Midway through spirit week, Wednesday, Aug. 31, students dressed up for Freshest Fit day. Whether wearing a fancy dress or a favorite outfit, ASB invited students to show off their unique fashion tastes.

AWHS Senior Avery Chapman struts her stuff on the runway during Wenesday’s fashion show. (Allison Bredow)

“It’s a good way to show school spirit. I like this spirit day because it’s not one specific thing everybody has to wear, you kind of get to do what you want with it,” said junior Zoë Dombrosky.

ASB, with the help of four student judges, also organized a fashion show in the student center during lunch. Although all participants dressed to impress, senior Avery Chapman won 10 out of 10 from every judge.

Thursday, Sept. 1, marked Jersey Day. Students had the option of representing their own sports teams at AWHS, or professional teams they support. 

The small gym was packed with students of all grades during lunch, hoping to catch a glimpse of the junior vs. senior basketball game. Students from both teams ran up and down the court, representing their grades as best they could. Seniors took the win, but not without juniors putting up a fight.

Senior Evan Cope drives forward against junior Nate Sampson. (Allison Bredow)

On Sept. 2, students showed up in their best country outfits for the last day of spirit week, Country Day. Cowboy hats and boots were a crowd favorite, filling hallways with the click of heels and the tip of hats. 

Spirit week left Falcon spirit soaring.