Social distancing activities for couples

Just because we’re under a “shelter in place” order, doesn’t mean that you have to cancel date night! Here are some safe outdoor activities that involve being at least six feet apart. 

Canoeing. The average canoe length is seventeen feet long, making social distancing easy to balance. Plus, what doesn’t say I love you like exhausting your muscles to haul a boat several yards before giving up and letting the guide pull you. 

Tennis. When you think about it, singles tennis is the social distancing sport. Just wash your hands after both touching the ball. Bonus points if you use the ball to pass notes!

Watching the romantic drama, Five Feet Apart. Just be ironic by watching it while six feet apart. 

Portrait painting. One person models, while the other person stands seven feet away painting them. Great for when you want to spend hours on end with your significant other in perfect, mind numbing silence. 

Duet singing. While this may sound like it involves getting within a few feet of each other, musical lovebirds can sing a selection from the 1984 musical Sunday in the Park With George. The two people are always on opposite ends of the room singing at each other about why the other person is why the relationship isn’t working. Romantic! 

If singing isn’t your thing, you could always act out the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet. The tricky part is finding a balcony. 

Or, you could just stay in your respective homes and video chat, text, call, messenger pigeon. But we know that no government mandate will stop some assholes.