AWHS administration details plan to open on-campus COVID-19 testing site


Neve Marin Rue Galmarini

AWHS plans to open up a COVID-19 testing site Monday Jan. 11 in response to recent spike in positive COVID-19 cases.

Following an increase in positive COVID-19 cases among AWHS students and staff, the school administration has announced the creation of a COVID-19 testing site on campus. In an email sent on Friday, Jan. 7 to AWHS staff, Assistant Principal Nate Severin said that AWHS will open a COVID-19 test site on Monday, Jan. 11 in the main gym lobby. The rapid tests will be administered at the testing site Monday through Friday.

How long the testing site will be open is unknown, but will likely remain open until the recent surge of COVID-19 cases begins to decrease. AWHS staff hopes that this new availability to tests will make it easier to track COVID-19 cases and stop their spread around campus.

The main goal is to try to keep students/staff in school and/or bring them back as soon as possible after having to quarantine,” Severin said.

Due to limited access to COVID-19 tests, AWHS has limited testing to specific groups. Severin said the school will aim to test individuals with COVID-19 related symptoms, previously COVID-19 positive students returning from quarantine, staff with close contact with someone COVID-19 positive, and unvaccinated students. The plan also allows AWHS staff to take an optional COVID-19 test on an assigned day if needed.

The email also stated that students may test at the on-campus site if they develop COVID-19 related symptoms during the school day. With this new testing site in place, AWHS hopes to successfully contain COVID-19 cases from spreading through campus.