Falcons crush Trojans in girls softball senior night


Kyra Featherstone

Number 11, sophomore Amelia Richer, swings and hits the ball far into the outfield resulting in Amelia stealing first base.

The girls softball team played a short, yet sweet game against the Terra Linda High School (TL) Trojans, winning 10-0. The game took place Wed. May 4 at the Falcons home field. Carrying on a short five innings, the game kept the audience on the edge of their seats. 

 White Hill Middle School eighth grader, Santiago Desruisseau, performed the National Anthem on electric guitar. With a large turnout of the crowd, the Falcons had their senior night, with the three graduating seniors, Hattie Pohlman, Reese Warner and Abby Murphy, consisting of a celebration with all the parents, after the game was concluded.

Annabelle Freed, an AWHS sophomore, has been playing softball for eight years, and has played with the AWHS team all throughout high school thus far. She feels her team played well this game and grew together throughout the season.  

“I feel like we got a lot better as we went along but i’m excited for next year because we progressed a lot and I think it’s going to be a great season,” Annabelle said

In the third inning, sophomore Jasmin Desruisseau hit a double, while racking up the first point for the Falcons, followed by frosh Paige Murphy scoring the second run, making the score 2-0. As the game progressed the Falcons continued their hitting run, leading them to score eight more points.

The Trojans and Falcons line up to high five at the end of the game. The Falcon’s came out on top, as the Trojans were unable to catch up. (Kyra Featherstone)

“It all kinda took us a minute, but hitting is contagious and we all started to get into it, and I think that all kind of focused us in a little bit,” Reese said.

Reese, as a graduating senior, feels sad about leaving the Falcons but also excited for her upcoming future. 

“It’s a little weird because we have a game on Friday but it’s still like emotional and sad. I’ve only been playing with this team for 2 years but we’ve all grown so close in such a short amount of time,” Reese said.

Abby has been playing softball for nine years and is feeling sad, scared, and excited about leaving the team and heading to college. 

“I’m happy that we played the way we did, it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s over…. But it was fun and I love this team,” Abby said. 

Ending in the fifth inning due to the mercy rule, the team played an impressive game with a final score of 10-0. The Falcons are excited for next year’s season, despite losing three of their seniors. Their final game will be Friday, May 6 at the Falcon’s home field.