AWHS Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball suffers a loss against Tamalpais High School


Brody Rhodes

Kaila Service hitting the volleyball against Tamalpais High School, as the first time playing outside.

The AWHS girls Junior Varsity (JV) Volleyball team was defeated by Tamalpais High School (Tam) on Wednesday Sept. 29 at the AWHS home court. The game was close in counting, starting with Tam leading off with 22-25 in the first set.
Sophomore Macy Powers scored the 1st point of the game against Tam. Although the team brought energy initially, Coach Greg Jones thinks that they could’ve had better serves, serve reception, and communication on the court.

“They played very well today, super competitive, and they played one of the best JV teams in the league, we just ran out of gas,” Jones said.   

Jones had injured starters on the bench, so new players had to fill in those spots. The team wasn’t accustomed to the new lineup, causing some confusion on the court. 

“Everyone had to change different positions and adjust greatly, like Kaila Service becoming more on the outside,” Jones said.  

Coach Greg Talks to his team during the 1 and 2 set about the new plays for set 2.

Fans and players from other teams in the stands supported the JV girls through the tough game. Charlotte Gerner served the last point of the game making it 14-25, Tam. 

“I think that we did very well in the first set and had a good head start, however, we lost our energy and got pretty slow and sloppy,” said sophomore JV player Anaya Sears.

Both the  players and coaches agreed that the game wasn’t their worst, but that it could have been better. Many players expressed that the game  provided good practice for newer players to take on different positions.  

Sophomore JV player Avery Marne hopes that the team can win the next game against Branson at home. She also hopes that the team improves their serving errors meaning serving in the net and in the Branson game.

“Overall, their intentions were good, we just need to execute and make our servers better next time,” Jones said. 

If the JV team wins in the next game against Branson, their record will be 5-3.