Ray and Paul Holmberg release their first music video


A still from the ‘Mystery’ music video. Photo credits courtesy of Paul Holmberg

Ray and Paul Holmberg (Drake senior and freshman, respectively) dropped a music video for arguably one of their most popular songs, “Mystery”. Older brother and lead singer Ray performs the vocals, and younger brother Paul plays the drums along with other instruments. The two brothers created their band just a few years ago and are making a name for themselves today. 


The original track for “Mystery” dropped in early 2019 on Spotify, Youtube, and other media platforms. It has a similar sound to another one of their singles, “Favorite Shirt,” with a light, sanguine feel to the song that helps it exude an overall satisfying vibe. 


The music video is shot at a local beach, with a simplistic instrument setup. Furthermore, as it is not bloated with special effects, the viewer can enjoy it for the music, and not focus on too many moving parts. Through doing this, the viewers can appreciate the lyrics, and their meaning. 

Throughout the video, the brothers incorporate props that coincide with the lyrics which visualize the song, adding on to the overall mysterious feel of the track. These props go from a magnifying glass to a therapist’s couch setup. Furthermore, the video is set on a desolate beach, on a cloudy day, which intertwines with the lyrics as they talk about “mystery,” and this kind of setting provokes just that feeling. Whether they purposely chose this setting or not, it is still a strong element of the video as a whole. 


The video production was high quality and visually appealing with many aspects relating to the lyrics. These elements benefit the music video and make it enjoyable to watch. It gives the video a unique, almost gratifying feeling.


The drumbeat and guitar beat fit in nicely and add on to the remarkable feel of the song.  The melody gives the song a cheerful vibe that makes the song memorable and enjoyable. From all of these elements, I would give the video a 4.5 out of 5.