King Yosef’s “GUILTY” stands out as platinum in a field of rusty metal

“GUILTY,” King Yosef’s most recent album released in early 2018, revamps what metal used to be during its peak in the 60’s, but augmented with more electronic production and mastering. The entire album is an assortment of different musical styles & choices, each worked on to the point of perfection. Each song has a beautifully unique sound, as “GUILTY” was released with the intent of conveying a message of hatred toward artists who only continue to produce music for money and fame, with absolutely no passion for production.

King Yosef has an incredible ardency for music, and it’s only reinforced by the emotion conveyed in all of his songs. His tone is aggressive, loud, and almost overwhelming. His lyrics state time and time again that he’s made sick to his stomach by artists that have abandoned morals and use others to climb to the top of the charts while putting in less and less effort with each subsequent release. In an Instagram post created the night before the official release of the album, King Yosef explained that this album was made as a callout on half-assed artistry, and personified the anger he felt seeing artists rising to the top “using and disposing of” something he loved: music. 

“GUILTY” is an underground masterpiece. This style of music isn’t for everybody. However, for those who can get past the noisy, distorted 808’s, the bellicose vocals, and the heavy metalic snares, will see that King Yosef is a more than zealous individual with a unique, unparalleled musical style. “GUILTY” is a turning point in King Yosef’s career, having brought him from being a signed producer all the way to being the head of his own projects. This new, practically unheard of subset of metal could potentially make it to the popular scene if and when King Yosef gains a larger following.  I’d personally recommend “GUILTY” and King Yosef’s other musical stylings to anyone who has a taste in heavy metal, both instrumental, and digitally produced.