HS 1327 moves into semifinals of name change process


Fiona Swan

Former Sir Francis Drake High School signage defaced by anonymous students demanding name change. – September 16, 2020

As of Mar. 10, the final four possible names of High School 1327 (HS 1327) have been released and the voting has resumed. The final four name choices are Awani-Wi, Bon Tempe, Creekside, and Olema Trail.

The student-created voter guide from the previous round has been edited to include only the final four as a helpful resource for voters. It includes the historical background of each name, a possible mascot, reasons to choose the name, and alternative ways to incorporate the name into the school if it is not chosen. Students and parents have already begun voting in the new round, which has a deadline of Mar. 17. 

Students have been conversing about potential names and reasons for voting. 

“I’m voting Creekside,” said HS 1327 sophomore Isabella Welter-Vasquez, “I don’t think we should use a Native American name because it might be considered appropriation in the future or even today for a mostly white community to have a Native American name for their high school. Just because one part of the Miwok community approves doesn’t mean everyone else does.” 

Some other students are voting for Awani-Wi since it was approved by the Miwoks.

“I’m voting for Awani-Wi,” said HS 1327 sophomore Abby Childs, “because it’s the one the Native Americans recommended and I think that it’s very important that we listen to their voices.”

Sophomore, Brianna Thompsett admitted, she just voted for Olema and Creekside, because she thinks it “sounds better.”

After the semifinals, the voting will move into the final round in which the top two names will be voted on. This will begin on Mar. 22 and end on Mar. 25. The final name will be approved by the Drake Leadership Council on Apr. 1, leaving the school with the official new name.