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The pinnacle of Falcon journalism

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The Nicasio Reservoir, which is approximately half as full as it should be this time of year.

County reservoirs at historic lows, local wildlife at risk

Henry Pratt, Editor-in-Chief October 23, 2021

From 2011 through 2019, California suffered its worst drought in recorded history. Without the luxury of rainfall relief in the past year, California now suffers from low reservoir levels and likely faces...

A drum set, similar to the one used by drummer Lex Razon in his performances.

Musicians return with enthusiasm, challenges after COVID-19

Mia DeNunzio and Neve Marin Rue Galmarini October 19, 2021

Due to COVID-19, music venues around the world began to shut down, leaving musicians unable to perform in front of their usual audiences. As a result of the decrease in COVID-19 case numbers and high vaccination...

Members of Black Women Organized for Political Action march side by side.

Bay Area citizens march for reproductive justice

Avery Josephs and Ila Rees October 7, 2021

Joining together in support of reproductive rights, 24 non-profit organizations co-hosted a march in San Francisco on Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021. The attendees lined up at Grove and Hyde Street and began marching...

An early morning at the AWHS front parking lot where student vehicles fill up every spot.

Seniors frustrated with distribution of school parking permits

Gabriela Yacoub October 7, 2021

At the beginning of their last year, AWHS seniors find themselves conflicted by the lack of parking permits, despite AWHS senior priority for parking in years past.  Specific considerations, such as...

AWHS task force works to raise awareness about sexual harassment across campus.

AWHS sexual harassment and assault task force outlines plans for the coming year

Elliot Smith, Photography Editor October 2, 2021

During the turbulent 2020-21 school year, the AWHS Sexual Harassment Prevention Task Force shifted from a district-based to an on-campus initiative. With a return to in-person school, the group hopes to...

Toilet seats covered in red ink, made to look like blood, and soap dispensers torn off the walls in the boy’s bathrooms.

Tik Tok trend influences mischief in AWHS boys bathrooms

Ila Rees September 30, 2021

Although vandalism is nothing new to public schools, recent social media trends have further exacerbated this problem. As school property has been stolen or destroyed, AWHS administration now examines...

Sam Sobieraj studying and wearing a mask in an AWHS classroom.

AWHS administration considers future removal of masks in classrooms

Ethan Frankel, Business Manager September 30, 2021

Ever since students returned to in-person schooling this past May, AWHS students and staff have been required to wear masks on campus, but recently were allowed to remove them outdoors. Although there...

Juniors Maia Moshal and Sinead Donery greeting students while standing at their Craft Club booth. (9/23/21)

AWHS clubs make a comeback after one year online

Dylan Carson, Copy Editor September 29, 2021

For over one year, AWHS student-run clubs had to alter their normal meetings and activities to an online setting during COVID-19. As students get back to their normal activities on campus and COVID-19...

Tule Elk activists unloading water from carts to transport to an abandoned cattle trough.

Activists water Tule Elk on Tomales Point

Henry Pratt, Editor-in-Chief September 26, 2021

On Sept. 19, at 11 a.m., wildlife activists gave approximately 200 gallons of water to Tule Elk in Tomales Point at the Point Reyes National Seashore. These activists hope to access Elk restricted to the...

People walk towards the busy food trucks and music coming from 4th Street in Downtown San Rafael.

Excitement surrounds return of live music to San Rafael

Jasmin Desruisseau, News and Spanish Editor September 26, 2021

For almost two years, performance opportunities for artists have been limited by COVID-19. Shows were cancelled, travel was restricted, and band practices were no longer an option. Now that COVID-19 vaccines...

The lawn expectant from a household in Lagunitas trying to conserve water living amidst such a severe drought.

AWHS Water Conservation Club hopes to raise awareness of low reservoir levels

Ava Wilson September 26, 2021

As the California drought worsens, AWHS students are beginning to raise awareness about the issue on campus. As a result of high water consumption and a lack of rainfall, Phoenix Lake, located in Ross,...

Haakon Lacy, AWHS sophomore views a brochure in the College & Career Center.

Requirements to the college admissions process altered due to COVID-19

Avery Josephs September 16, 2021

COVID-19, as well as altering people’s day-to-day lives, strongly affected the college admissions process. COVID-19 interrupted extracurricular activities and put standardized testing on hold, creating...

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