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Rachel clings to Joey as he struggles to make a touchdown during the extremely competitive football game. (Season 3, Episode 9, “The One With the Football”)

Top 5 most binge-worthy Friends episodes to spark Thanksgiving spirit

Dylan Carson, Copy Editor November 21, 2021

Whether you are avoiding the rainy weather outdoors, or distant relatives have taken over your home for the holidays, binge-watching your favorite shows is a must during the Thanksgiving season. As one...

Students performing in AWHS production Macbeth on their opening night, Wednesday 17th

AWHS drama puts on a show-stopping performance of Macbeth

Brynn Galaich and Ariana Pillitteri November 18, 2021

Brought to life by the talented drama students of Archie Williams High School (AWHS), Macbeth, which opened on Wednesday, Nov. 17, is a timeless and captivating play. This year, the production is held...

Present upon present will stack up after the items on this list are racked up.

Ho-ho-ho-liday gift guide

Corina Karr and Chloe Levenson November 17, 2021

As the holiday season prances onto the 2021 calendar and decorations float into storefront windows, the annual stress of gift giving slams into the forefronts of our minds. Some individuals make it easy...

The risky practice of cave diving is crucial in The Rescue, released October 8.

The Rescue: Remembering the Thai soccer team that united the world

Corina Karr, In-Depth Editor November 8, 2021

The Rescue, released October 8, is as much heart-wrenching as it is heart-warming. The documentary’s 107 minutes recount the tragic cave entrapment of twelve teenage Thai soccer – or football, as it’s...

Dune was released on October 22, 2021, with Timothée Chalamet starring as the protagonist, Paul Atreides.

New Dune movie captures world of original novel with magnificent casting and cinematography

Mia DeNunzio, Junior Copy Editor November 8, 2021

Dune, released Oct. 22, 2021, adapts Frank Herbert’s bestselling science fiction novel into a film with fantastic cinematography and dazzling actor performances. Denis Villeneuve is the second director...

British Secret Intelligence Service agent James Bond (Daniel Craig) battles enemies in Cuba with new, innovative weapons and complex fighting tactics.

No Time To Die is a thrilling installation to the James Bond franchise

Brynn Galaich November 6, 2021

No Time To Die, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, is jam-packed with explosions, complex new weapons, and thrilling stunts. With high-quality acting and impressive special effects, it is worth the watch....

Freshman Lucy Bakowski dressed up in her Madonna costume for halloween.

Underclassmen get “wacky” for their first high school spirit week

Kyra Featherstone, Website and Social Editor November 1, 2021

At AWHS, Wacky Wednesday is all about wearing your wackiest outfits, craziest hair, and loudest colors. This year’s Homecoming Spirit Week put on Wacky Wednesday on Oct. 27, and while students of all...

Released on Oct. 15 and based on true events, medieval drama The Last Duel illustrates one woman’s stance against the patriarchal powers of fourteenth century France.

The Last Duel exhibits female courage within the patriarchy of Medieval France

Corina Karr, In-Depth Editor November 1, 2021

TW: Mentions of rape and violence The Last Duel, released on Oct. 15, escorts viewers to the 14th century’s court of France in which two noblemen, once close friends, enter a lethal duel. The film’s...

Festive decorations, including a small pumpkin patch, on display at the Trader Joes in Greenbrae.

Trader Joe’s seasonal items fall into stock

Corina Karr and Chloe Levenson October 31, 2021

While the thermometer drops and leaves turn orange, seasonal goods at Trader Joe’s make their anticipated return. From pumpkin espresso beans to apple tarts, Trader Joe’s has everything needed for...

Halloween costumes that are thrown away, piling up in a dumpster.

Your guide to suiting up sustainably this Halloween

Chloe Levenson October 31, 2021

The scariest thing about Halloween is not the haunted houses or creepy masks – it’s the carbon footprint the holiday entails. Billions of candy wrappers and wasteful halloween decorations ending up...

The Alive plays bottlerock in Napa Valley on Sunday September 5th

Back to the stage: BottleRock Napa Valley and Sock Monster

Kelsey Riemer and Isabella Nash October 27, 2021

Being in a band is the ultimate dream for some musicians. However, no matter the age or experience of an artist, the pandemic served as unprecedented territory. Whether it meant having extra time to...

Coach Boone and team watch nervously as they play their rivals under the stadium’s lights.

Five classic movies for a cozy, rainy fall day

Jasmin Desruisseau, News and Spanish Editor October 24, 2021

As the few non-evergreen trees in California begin to turn their beautiful shades of reds and oranges, a new list of activities only fitting for this season follow. Picking out the perfect pumpkin to make...

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