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The pinnacle of Falcon journalism

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The pinnacle of Falcon journalism

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Peter Rabbit and some of his favorite vegetables; carrots and radishes.

Four Easter movies that transport you back to your childhood

Chloe Levenson April 16, 2022

Easter provides plenty of joy after remembering the fun of egg dying and Easter egg hunts from their childhood years. These four movies below will undoubtedly spark a flood of nostalgia. Peter Rabbit  In...

Cover photo for Styles upcoming album, Harrys House, and for his newly released song As It Was.

Harry Styles opens the door to his third album with “As It Was”

Kelsey Riemer, Reporter April 15, 2022

Harry Styles’ released his latest single, titled “As It Was”, in the U.S. March 31, 2022. The song is a venture from the classic and soft rock musical direction that Styles has taken in the past,...

Artist Rex Orange County (Alex OConnor) beaconing in his three dalmations on the album cover for WHO CARES?.

Rex Orange County’s, WHO CARES? fails to break away from previous installments

Aler Giffin, Reporter April 5, 2022

Rex Orange County’s (Alex O’Connor) new album Who Cares?, released Mar. 11, 2022, stays true to his lo-fi soft rock origins, crafting soft, heartfelt tracks. While the tracks are bound to resonate...

left to right: Rami Jaffee, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, and Nate Mendel onstage at BottleRock Napa Valley 2021

A tribute to Taylor Hawkins

Kelsey Riemer, Reporter April 3, 2022

Life is funny. If you don’t laugh, you’re in trouble.” - Taylor Hawkins   On Mar. 25, 2022, Oliver Taylor Hawkins passed away. Better known as Taylor Hawkins, the loss of the legendary...

Spring Fling

March 31, 2022

Donna (Britney Snow) comes face to face with her families’ murderer, Mr. Fenton, (Johnathon Schaech) in Prom Night.

Watching terrible horror movies, so you don’t have to

Aler Giffin, Genevieve Peterson, and Brynn Galaich March 28, 2022

In the fickle horror movie industry, directors have to create the perfect conglomeration of suspense, drama, and horror to captivate their audiences. Some movies succeed, holding a spot in the viewer's...

The Batman sleuthing out the realities of one of The Riddler’s victims untimely deaths.

The Batman relies on fight scenes to hold audience engagement

Aler Giffin, Reporter March 17, 2022

Detective Comics’ (DC) newest movie, The Batman, compensates for a lack of dialogue with action, reviving Adam West’s 1960s comic book portrayal of the role. Released on Mar. 4, this somber film wasn’t...

Tanjiro (Center), Nezuko (Top Right), Zenitsu(Bottom Left), Inosuke (Top Left), Giyu (Bottom Right) preparing to fend off demons.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba’s Entertainment Arc raises the bar for current generation Anime

Aler Giffin, Reporter March 5, 2022

Studio Ufotable’s action-oriented anime series Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba’s newest installment: Entertainment Arc - the second arc of season two- was a triumph, wrapping up on Feb. 13 with the eleventh...

In Tall Girl 2, Jodie (Ava Michelle) stands tall in her school’s hallway between peers.

Tall Girl 2 falls short of a mental-health focused coming-of-age film

Corina Karr, Cub Web Editor-In-Chief March 2, 2022

Tall Girl 2, the sequel to the cringe-filled Tall Girl, was released three days prior to Valentine’s Day; despite its proximity to the day of love, the film’s failed attempt at a relatable coming-of-age...

Girl Scout cookie customer’s purchase of three boxes of Thin Mints, one box of Samoas, one box of Girl Scout Smores, and one box of Tagalongs

The ultimate Girl Scout Cookie ranking

Chloe Levenson February 17, 2022

The familiar sight of rainbow-colored cookie boxes resting on top of their swiftly constructed tables is a sign to all grocery shoppers that, once again, Girl Scout Cookie season has returned. According...

Contemplating life post-school shooting are Mia (Maddie Ziegler, left) and Vada (Jenna Ortega, right) who star in The Fallout, released on HBO Max Jan. 27.

Touching coming-of-age film The Fallout spotlights trauma of school-shootings

Corina Karr, Cub Web Editor-In-Chief February 2, 2022

The Fallout, wide-released on HBO Max Jan. 27, tells the story of a school shooting and the roller coaster of a teenage survivor’s following weeks. Directed by Megan Park, the film’s 92 minutes put...

Middle school dancers perform a contemporary dance in RoCo Dance Onstage.

RoCo Fairfax says a mesmerizing goodbye with its final performance

Corina Karr, Cub Web Editor-In-Chief January 29, 2022

RoCo Fairfax, the beloved youth dance studio, performed their final recital on Sunday, Jan. 23 at The Marin Center Veterans Memorial Auditorium before saying goodbye to their Fairfax Studio, which will...

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