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Beginning drama students listed left to right, top to bottom, Jack Childs, Dylan OWard, Lili Walter, Hanna Janson, Jaden Nissen, Cavan Donery, Georgia Conway, Maisie Ferner, Zara Prime, and Maiya Porter smile together in preparation for their upcoming production.

Making space in the spotlight for the beginning drama students

Allison Bredow, Web and Social Media Manager March 9, 2023

The spotlight often shines on Archie William’s advanced drama students, preparing for college and their creative careers. However, the time has come to open the curtain on beginning drama students...

Beginning drama students Zara Prime and Cavan Donery take the stage during Marian, and sit back to back as their characters have an emotional moment.

Misdirection and merrymen make Marian or the True Tale of Robin Hood magical

Allison Bredow, Web and Social Media Manager March 6, 2023

Wednesday, March 8 marks the opening night of Archie William’s beginning-level drama performance, Marian or the True Tale of Robin Hood. Adapted from Adam Szymkowicz’s 2017 book, this unique production...

“Somebody’s Child” album cover reflects the relaxed feel to Godfrey’s music.

Somebody’s Child releases debut self titled album with heartfelt sentiment

Sophia Lopez, Reporter March 2, 2023

On Feb. 3, indie rock artist Somebody's Child, also known as Cian Godfrey, released his debut self-titled album. Somebody's Child leaves fans entranced for 40 minutes, loaded with anthems and ballads...

Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman) posing with her sword ready to take revenge.

Tarantino’s Kill Bill proves that revenge is a trap

Aler Giffin, Reporter January 30, 2023

From lust to wrath, Quentin Tarantino's 2003 cult classic Kill Bill takes a straightforward path to exposing the dark side of humankind. Not shying away from gore, Tarantino blends nauseating scenes...

Leo’s vices

Leo’s vices

Corina Karr, Editor-In-Chief January 30, 2023

  90’s heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio has won 101 awards for his emotive acting and production, and the foundation for his intensive acting comes from the unique roles the actor plays. From a teenage...

The Pistachio Frappuccino and Pistachio Latte behind their smooth successor, the Pistachio Cream Cold Brew.

Starbucks releases ‘nutty’ pistachio cold brew

Corina Karr and Mia DeNunzio January 22, 2023

Coffee and chocolate, coffee and caramel, and now coffee and pistachios? Starbucks brought back its Pistachio Latte and Pistachio Frappuccino, along with a new twist, the Pistachio Cream Cold Brew....

 “Orphan of Blight’s” cover reflects the demonic nature of the song. With harsh red, yellow, and orange hues, the design is as unappealing as the actual song.

Distant single “Orphan of Blight” leaves viewers shaking from the inside out

Greek Feeney, Reporter December 16, 2022

On Dec. 2, rock band Distant released their newest single dubbed “Orphan of Blight.” With only a four-minute track, the band lets their message smoothly intertwine with their instrumentals. However,...

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: a (hopeful) second chance after sexualization of female characters

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: a (hopeful) second chance after sexualization of female characters

Aler Giffin, Reporter December 4, 2022

Ranging from Grand Theft Auto to the Pokémon franchise, video games have historically featured blatant misogyny. Whether female characters served subservient roles, were overly sexualized, or weak relative...

10 must watch movies

10 must watch movies

Aler Giffin, Reporter December 2, 2022

1) Monty Python and The Holy Grail  One of few acceptable slapstick comedies. Amazing script. Amusing characterization. 5/5 feathers. 2) Office Space Highlights the shortcomings of corporate...

Nausicaa (Julia Conrad) and Alcinous (Sebastian Calderon-Jensen) moments before they first encounter Odysseus.

AWHS drama elevates Homer from homework to a homemade masterpiece

Luca Roy, Co-Photography Editor December 1, 2022

The Odyssey, an ancient Greek epic written by poet and philosopher Homer, has been translated over 60 times and adapted into 33 movies. Archie Williams Drama Department’s intermediate and advanced drama...

Bazzi and his band worked as one throughout this entire performance, despite some technical difficulties.  Bazzi took these challenges as an opportunity to connect and interact with the audience by starting conversations and having everyone repeat back what he said. Did you just say take my Be Real? Alright, everyone say take my Be Real on three, Bazzi said.

Bazzi performs fun-filled concert at the Fillmore

Allison Bredow and Kelsey Riemer November 30, 2022

The Fillmore, a historic venue in San Francisco that has housed artists from the Foo Fighters to Elvis Costello, is a staple of the San Francisco music scene. On Nov. 14, Bazzi brought a whole new energy...

Speed Check jams out during a practice session in Tutorial.

Speed Check’s potential is worth checking out

Luca Roy, Co-Photography Editor November 30, 2022

Archie Williams has a well-developed music program, and is home to numerous promising student bands. The members of Speed Check are the epitome of Performance Workshop alumni, and over their years at Archie...

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