Petaluma chiropractor offers alternative to traditional allergy medication


Courtesy of Sage Healing Collective

A chiropractor uses an ArthroStim to conclude AAT treatment.

As pollen counts continue to climb, Marin residents affected by seasonal allergies begin to explore new methods of allergy relief. While most resort to allergy medication in the form of tablets or capsules, Petaluma chiropractor Dr. Latifa Rainbow (D.C.) offers a therapeutic approach to allergy treatment. Using Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT), Dr. Rainbow provides effective, long-term, and non-invasive relief from allergy-related symptoms.

AAT treats the symptoms associated with allergies by reducing the biological stress caused by the culpable substance. Gentle pressure is also used to stimulate points on the back, which correspond with major organ systems. AAT is non-invasive, which in this case means its drug-free, needle-free, and supplement-free treatment. 

Dr. Latifa Rainbow has been practicing AAT for 13 years at Casad Chiropractic Clinic in Petaluma. According to Dr. Rainbow allergies are the result of your body incorrectly associating a substance as harmful, causing an allergic reaction in defense to the substance. 

“People have sensitivities or allergies, and those are created by an incorrect association with the substance. Something happens, you get stressed out, you get tired, your immune system is up and running, and you make an incorrect association with that substance as an invader. It’s really not an invader, it’s not harmful,” Dr. Rainbow said. 

Plant growth housing large quantities of pollen surrounds the Archie Williams football field. (Ben Luka Sheddrick)

Although AAT treatment may seem holistic or unmodernized, it uses advanced software and technology. 

“Through the computer, we are able to figure out what specific substance you have a problem with, and then using the Arthrostim with the digital signal coming through your arm, we’re able to help you reset your body so you don’t react to that substance.”

Unlike most medications, AAT is extremely versatile, with few limitations. It can treat allergies to cats, dogs, horses, and internal substances such as acid or mucus. AAT can also treat most food and seasonal allergies. However, AAT’s effectiveness is limited for anaphylaxis triggers. AAT is not always able to treat peanut allergies, which are among the most common and fatal of the food allergies.

“If someone has just a regular sensitivity to peanuts, yes [AAT is effective]. But if they have an anaphylactic [reaction], where they have to have an epipen, then we can clear you for accidental exposure, but you may still have to avoid [peanuts.] For example, you might be able to eat a chocolate that was made in a peanut manufacturing factory, an accidental exposure,” Dr. Rainbow said.

Brie Goebel, a Marin resident and frequenter at Dr. Rainbow’s practice has been receiving treatment for her and her family for multiple years. 

“[Dr. Rainbow] basically cures allergies in a non-invasive way without using any medication,” Goebel said. 

Brie Goebel and her family have found great success in Dr. Rainbow’s practice, as she has treated them for various food intolerances and allergies. 

“Sometimes [the allergies] get cured during the very first rounds, and sometimes we have to come back for a second treatment for the same allergen, but everything has been cured,” Goebel said.

Gobel has also found Dr. Rainbow’s practice to be more effective than traditional medication. 

“I used to do allergy shots and those did absolutely nothing for me. I did them for three years and they made me super uncomfortable and itchy. I would swell up in the injection sites,” Goebel said.

While Dr. Rainbow’s practice may seem out of the ordinary, many have had great success with her non-traditional treatment.