Falcon’s Volleyball slams Wildcats in 3-0 sweep


Luca Roy

Junior Charlie Butler watches the ball he spiked soar over the net.

On Friday, March 31, the Falcon’s Varsity boys volleyball team matched up against Marin Catholic Wildcats in the Falcon’s gym. The gym was relatively empty, but each of the teams were extremely energetic and hyped for the game. Both teams played well, but the Falcons soared over the Wildcats for the victory.

Junior Ellis Chamberlin sets the ball to Junior Charlie Gaebe for him to spike. (Luca Roy)

Going into the game, the Falcons were aware of the Wildcat’s main weapon, junior outside hitter Lorenzo Barbagelata-Miller. Barbagelata-Miller led his team with 22 kills, but Archie Williams contained him enough to win all three sets. 

“We knew that [Barbagelata-Miller] was their primary hitter going into the game, so we would have our blockers cheat over to where he was on the court, so we could attempt to slow him down”, junior Libero Ellis Chamberlin said

The Falcons jumped out to an early 3-1 lead in the first set, but the Wildcats clawed back to tie at three, then take a 4-3 lead. After this, neither team had the lead by more than one, but even after an injury to senior setter Jack Levieux, the Falcons managed to take the set, 25-21. Jack’s replacement, junior middle Charlie Butler, was new to the setter role, but made several key plays throughout the rest of the game.

The second set started well for both teams, but play slowed when Wildcat’s coach Michael Allen repeatedly returned to the referee to question a noise in the gymnasium. It turned out that Falcon players were attempting to distract the Marin Catholic servers. Although this by itself is allowed, the bench was making noises as well, which is not permitted.

Archie Williams seniors Kaleb Simmons and Alexander Lucich prepare to set an incoming ball. (Luca Roy)

“Teams try to use tactics to distract their opponents,” Ellis said. “This year a new rule was implemented where players on the court are allowed to do that, just not the players on the bench.”

The Falcons ended up forfeiting a point because of the obnoxious noises, but they still overcame this to win the set, again at 25-21.

At risk of getting swept, the Wildcats started off the third set strong with an ace from Ryan Geissberger, but the Falcons matched them point for point until eventually tying at 8-8. Both teams were playing their best, and the score stayed within one until the Falcons scored three unanswered points, taking a 16-14 lead. Setter Charlie had multiple aces, and the Falcons kept their lead throughout the rest of the set, eventually winning on an ace by senior middle Will Gustafson

The Falcons used great communication throughout the game, and all the players had a role in the victory.

 “I believe everyone had a moment in the game,” said sophomore outside Zach Wulff. “Everyone had a job and stuck to it. When everyone can agree and do their jobs, that’s when we win games and sweep teams.”

The Falcons will face Cardinal Newman at Cardinal Newman High School on Tuesday April 11, as they look to improve their 7-4 record.