Girls softball hopes to hit expectations out of the park in upcoming season


Ethan Frankel

Senior Abby Murphy and sophomore Amelia Richer playing catch to warm up before practice.

After going 1-14-1 in the 2021 season, the AWHS softball program hopes to improve their record in the upcoming 2022 season. This year, the program is hoping to amplify their wins and challenge the normal powerhouse schools.

The team is looking to start the season with more focus and intensity. With the team’s skill gradually improving over the season last year, they hope to carry their form into this year. The Falcons will be led by senior Abby Murphy, who was unable to play last year due to a knee injury.

“Last year there were many other distractions and the team was not as committed, but this year we are all dedicated and focused on competing,” Abby said.

AWHS has a very young team with only four upperclassmen out of fourteen total players in the program. A very strong freshman class gives the team even more to look forward to, not just this season, but also for the future.

“The whole freshmen class is very strong, and will be a strong contributor to our class, including Paige Murphy and Quinn Black who are very talented players,” said sophomore pitcher Amelia Richer.

Last year the Falcons rode out the arm of Amelia, but this year the team has more depth at the pitching mound. With this, AWHS hopes for success on the defensive side of the ball by limiting their opponents runs. 

“Paige being able to pitch really helps us out with the fact that we now have depth, and can now try and be trickier when facing teams that we have already played,” said head coach Neil Murphy.

The AWHS softball field where the team practices and plays their home games located near the main parking lot of AWHS. (Ethan Frankel)

With these new additions, the Falcons hope that they will be able to surprise some teams and put out a competitive performance. They hope that the youth will be able to provide energy in major moments, and put out in clutch situations.

“We may not be the most experienced team, but everyone is committed to working their hardest and pushing themselves,” Abby said. 

The flight of the Falcons may just be able to compete and have a successful winning season.