Drake Drama’s Antigone X Captivates Audience in New Venue


Claire Love and Amber Simon in Antigone X. Photo courtesy Peter Parish.

Drake drama has a new venue. Following the retirement of beloved Drake drama teacher David g. Smith, his former classroom has been remodeled into a new studio theatre. 

Antigone X is the first play performed within the David g. Smith Studio Theatre and the first show directed by Peter Parish. It provided a unique and intimate viewing experience. 

Seating 65 people embellished with new surround sound and light equipment, the audience was immersed in the story being told around them. 

Antigone X, a modern adaptation of Sophocles’s Antigone X written by Paula Cizmar, tells the story of a young princess Antigone. Her two brothers waged war against each other over the throne, tearing the city apart and killing each other in the process. Her Uncle Creon then becomes king, and orders that one brother will be buried, the other, viewed as a traitor, will be left in the open. 

Antigone and her sister Esme struggle with their conflicting feelings about their Uncle’s decree, culminating in a choice that will shake the city once again to its core. 

The story, despite being convoluted, presents itself clearly with a great balance of humor and tragedy. Brilliant acting filled with dramatic monologues move the short 90-minute play along swiftly. 

Playing through this Saturday, Antigone X highlights a talented cast through a well-written script and great directing from Parish. Audience members should prepare to be shocked and emotional at this portrayal of moral struggle.


Friday, Nov. 15:

2:30-4:30 PM and 7-9 PM

Saturday, Nov. 16:

7 -9 PM