Ichika’s wows again with release of EP “I”


Picture courtesy of ichika TaWaRa.

Album after album, song after song, Ichika attacks his projects with consistency. Whether it be through his solo tracks, his role in band Nito, or appearances with prestigious music groups such as Polyphia, his unique style always presents itself with a graceful, sensitive presence. His almost mathematically precise sound demonstrates poise, discipline, and a true understanding of both guitar and bass. 

His discography includes the guitar solo albums forn and she waits patiently, with a bass solo album titled he never fades. forn, in particular, was the album that rocketed him to fame, coming in at tenth on the iTunes billboards and second on Amazon digital music when the LP released in 2017. 

“I” is a foray into new territory for Ichika. Every song on the album contains a vocal feature, from Japanese hip-hop artist AKKOGORILLA to J-pop singer Ikuko Harada. The tracks range in tone and feel, with “Good Enough” (ft. AKKOGORILLA) featuring a percussion-focused hip-hop sound, and “I” (ft. Enon Kawatani) showcasing a more coffee-house and prog rock fusion, almost Polyphia-like progression. 

No matter the track, Ichika’s true skill is indisputably apparent. He effortlessly accompanies the vocals with slick guitar riffs and smooth basslines, changing in speed and intensity accordingly with almost frightening efficiency. 

I” is a look into the true prodigy that is Ichika. His skill, his range, and his unique, crisp style are on sometimes dizzyingly full display. This EP further cements Ichika’s place as one of the greatest living guitarists and bassists on Earth. 10/10 across the board.