‘Sticks and Stones”: Dave Chapelle’s new special shows to be brash and daring


Picture Credits to Netflix USA

Dave Chapelle’s frank delivery and self-aware aura always seems to be the most authentic kind of comedy to me out of the swarm of “irreverent” political specials on Netflix. Sticks and Stones, much like Chapelle’s previous works, is the lighthouse guiding the future of humor among a sea of mediocre comedians.

Chapelle is a master at conveying  real messages through comedy. Sticks and Stones is the prime example of this out of all his previous specials. An extremely clear, transparent message he communicates is his disdain for progressives’ attempts to control speech, a phenomenon referred to commonly as “cancel culture.” He mocks the idea that this vocal minority can set the guidelines and the borders for what is accepted concerning sex and comedy.

 Chapelle clearly communicates to his critics throughout the special that he will never change his no-holds-barred approach as long as he is part of the scene. He’s straight-forward and honest with both sides of the political spectrum, dishing out insult after veiled insult in a deliciously funny fashion. The humor, like always, hits it right on the nose.

It’s this irreverent kind of comedy, that disregards and makes fun of everybody, no matter who they are, that makes Dave Chapelle the legend that he is. Even disregarding its important cultural impact, Sticks and Stones was both hilarious and biting. Truly, an hour well spent. I give this gut-buster an 8/10.