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“9-RG”, designed and painted by Sophomore Reiley Dillon, displayed left outside HS 1327 baseball field.

Students of High School 1327 design inspiring murals to replace former Drake logo

Dylan Carson, Business Manager March 17, 2021

After the original Drake Pirates signage was removed from High School 1327 (HS 1327) in July of 2020, the Drake Fund, the Associated Student Body (ASB), and AP art students suggested adding new artwork...

A blue Honda covered in signage opposing the name change.

Community members gather at High School 1327 opposing the school’s name change

Melissa Auchard, Editor in Chief March 14, 2021

On Sunday, Mar. 14, dozens of community members gathered in the High School 1327 (HS 1327) main parking lot for a rally opposing the change of the school’s previous name, Sir Francis Drake High School,...

Former Sir Francis Drake High School signage defaced by anonymous students demanding name change. - September 16, 2020

HS 1327 moves into semifinals of name change process

Genevieve Peterson, Website and Social Media Editor March 14, 2021

As of Mar. 10, the final four possible names of High School 1327 (HS 1327) have been released and the voting has resumed. The final four name choices are Awani-Wi, Bon Tempe, Creekside, and Olema Trail. The...

High School 1327 announces plan to return to in-person learning on March 2

High School 1327 announces plan to return to in-person learning on March 2

Samantha Parr, Editor-in-Chief February 23, 2021

After enduring nearly ten months of fully-distant learning, the day has finally come when students will be allowed back on campus for school. On Tuesday, Feb. 23, High School 1327 (HS 1327) principal Liz...

A look at social distanced desks in room 224 for hybrid school.

TUHSD likely to return to a hybrid learning model by March 2

Kelsey Riemer, Design Editor February 20, 2021

An email from the Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) Superintendent Tara Taupier sent on Feb. 16 said that the district is likely to return to a hybrid model of learning by Tuesday, Mar. 2.  Since...

Tiburon Town Hall, where Yema Khalif and Hawi Awash’s administrative claim is currently being processed by the town of Tiburon.

Tiburon store owners file administrative claims after racial profiling case

Henry Pratt, News Editor February 12, 2021

Black Tiburon store owners Yema Khalif and Hawi Awash have filed a two million dollar administrative claim against the town of Tiburon and other public entities after a racially charged confrontation outside...

Final eight names and possible mascot ideas, closing out the name change process

First round of student name change voting narrow 79 possible school names to final 8

Georgia Schroeder, Copy Editor February 11, 2021

From Jan. 28 to Feb. 3, High School 1327 (HS 1327) students, staff, parents, and other members of the community voted from an expansive list of about 80 possible school names. When the voting concluded...

The front of the Vaccine Clinic at Marin Health on January 29, 2021.

Marin Health begins vaccine distribution, schools and local businesses expect to reopen

Genevieve Peterson, Website and Social Media Editor February 6, 2021

The Marin Department of Health and Human Services has officially started the first stage of COVID-19 vaccinations, with the second stage expected to start early February. The first stage mainly focused...

High School 1327 premieres official name change plan

High School 1327 premieres official name change plan

Madie Butler January 29, 2021

On Jan. 21, The Drake Leadership Council (DLC) announced the official name change plan for High School 1327 (HS 1327). After a meeting on Jan. 14, which was continued on Jan. 21, the DLC adopted a process...

A young scooterer performs an air drop off a ramp into the twilight at the San Anselmo skatepark. January 22, 2021.

Local skateboarders advocate for construction of new skate park in Fairfax

Samantha Parr, Editor-in-Chief January 27, 2021

The crackling sound of wheels against wood, the feeling of gliding through the air off a jump, challenging yourself and your friends everyday with new tricks - this is what the skateboarders of Fairfax...

The High School 1327 campus lies silent as the school awaits reopening.

TUHSD prepares to reopen amid skepticism from the student body

Jack Long January 20, 2021

The Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) planned to reopen for in-person hybrid learning on Jan. 6, 2020; however, rising COVID-19 cases pushed Marin County into the purple Blueprint for a Safer...

Ms. Williams and Ms. Mathis, kindergarten teachers at Manor elementary school, welcoming their students while staying six feet apart.

RVSD middle and elementary schools enforce new safety precautions while taking part in hybrid learning

Dylan Carson, Business Manager January 19, 2021

On Monday, Oct. 26, the Ross Valley School District (RVSD) authorized their students and staff to participate in hybrid learning. To protect their students and staff from COVID-19, RVSD is enforcing many...

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