The Lodge hosts Chicken Sh*t Bingo fundraiser


Henry Pratt

Lorelai the Chicken gazes out from the inside of the cage.

On May 20, 2023, The Lodge, a restaurant located in San Anselmo, hosted a colorful event dubbed Chicken Sh*t Bingo. The event, which started at approximately 2:00 p.m., acted as a fundraising opportunity for the Archie Williams High School Falcon Foundation, a volunteer organization that funds the scholarly pursuits of Archie Williams students.

Observers wait in anticipation for Lorelai the Chicken’s impending bowel movement. (Henry Pratt)

Split up into five rounds, Chicken Sh*t Bingo involved placing one of two chickens into a large metal cage with a floor evenly divided into different sections numbered one through 25. For a fee of 10 dollars, observers could purchase a section of the floor prior to a chicken’s placement in the cage. If the chicken defecated onto a square someone had selected, they won a 100 dollar prize, while The Lodge would donate the remaining 150 dollars raised during the round to the Falcon Foundation.

Upon defecation, the chicken placed in the cage would be taken out, officially ending the round.

Lori Bruckner, co-owner of The Lodge with her husband Brian, says she initially became interested in hosting Chicken Sh*t Bingo after hearing about other businesses’ success with the event. Bruckner hopes to host Chicken Sh*t Bingo again in the future, contributing to different charities and organizations each time.

“We’re planning on doing this once a month…and then we’ll pick other charities as we go,” Bruckner said.

To give the chickens some time to rest, organizers waited approximately 15 minutes after every round before starting the next one. During this time, the chickens, named Crybaby and Lorelai, could be seen perched atop a nearby post.

The bottom of the chicken cage, divided into 25 different squares, contained food pellets for the chickens. (Henry Pratt)

Melanie Newman, Crybaby and Lorelai’s owner, had been asked to bring her chickens approximately three weeks prior to the event. Newman says that, because of the chickens’ propensity to poop, each round would not take long.

“It’s going to happen eventually,” Newman said.

Newman says that if The Lodge plans to host another game of Chickensh*t Bingo in the future, she would be happy to let The Lodge borrow her chickens again.

“If [The Lodge] would like to have [Crybaby and Loralie] then we have no problem bringing them out,” Newman said.

To promote the event, the Falcon Foundation sent a message to the Archie Williams community encouraging community members to attend. The money raised from the event will be allocated to further support the Archie Williams student body, as well as teachers and faculty at the school.