Assassin recap: Are the odds in your favor?

‘The Fallen’ projection in The Hunger Games is used to depict the fallen Falcons playing Assassin.

Courtesy of Assassins Instagram

‘The Fallen’ projection in The Hunger Games is used to depict the fallen Falcons playing Assassin.

Archie Williams Assassin is in its final round of Assassin. 159 players in 53 teams have been officially eliminated from the game. Most kills have been through the use of water guns and snakes on the first day. 

One by one, players have discovered, targeted, and eventually assassinated teams and captains. As the first two rounds contained the most players, they were hectic, with many kills occurring each day. 

“The first two rounds have been intense, overwhelming, and utterly exhilarating. We’ve seen a lot of great kills and arbitrated way too many contentious ones,” an anonymous Facilitator said. 

The first round began on April 17, and since then, the facilitators have overseen the entirety of the game, settling conflicts and validating “assassinations.” Each time an elimination occurs, “assassination” videos submissions are required. 

“What you don’t see as a participant is the amount of time that goes into running the game,” said an anonymous Facilitator. “We regularly spend 2-3 hours a day mediating disputes, managing the cycle, and keeping the game aloft. But it’s a blast, and we’re honored to be doing it.”

Junior Isabelle Connolly participated as an assassin and was recently eliminated. Isabelle and her team were the first to eliminate a target and successfully made it to the second round. 

“We used the snakes the first day which gave us a huge head start because we got the first team out,” Isabelle said, “We should have switched captains each round so other teams trying to get us are thrown off.” 

The only way to re-enter the game is The Hunt, a scavenger hunt-like event that took place Sunday, May 7. Starting at 5:30 p.m., clues that dropped every half hour led teams to discover the location of the Facilitator. The three teams that assassinated the Facilitator could rejoin the game.  

At the end of The Hunt, a new Assassin event, dubbed The Purge, commenced. The ___-long event, contrary from prior years, allows previously eliminated teams to “assassinate” active teams. 

“It’s an idea out of Arizona… It’s going to be amazing, I think it’s going to make Marin assassin history and go down as a permanent feature of the game—or it’ll crash and burn, only time will tell,” Facilitator Two said before the event. 

Round 4 began May 8 and ended May 12.