Falcons: Meet your class president nominees


Peyton Price

Senior class president canidates Brody Rhodes, Audrey Poster, and Josh Palmater (left to right) stand together.

As the school year ends, the question as to who will lead Archie William’s sophomores, juniors, and seniors remains unanswered. Here are the candidates and how they want to contribute to their respective grades, and to Archie Williams as a whole. 


Sophomore Class President Nominees

Sophmore class president canidates Ellery Ford and Eleanor Kernodle stand together. (Peyton Price)

Hanna Janson

Hanna is an outgoing and straight-A student and a part of the school mock trial club. She wants to bring the SLCs together for more group activities, such as competitions to build friendly rivalries between SLCs. 

“I hope that my leadership skills will be able to help the sophomore class reach new heights.”


Eleanor Kernodle, one of the sophmore class president canidates. (Peyton Price)

Eleanor Kernodle

Eleanor decided to run for Sophomore Class President because of her love for her school, and her wish to make Archie Williams a  better place for everyone.”  She sees her experience in group projects at the school as a great opportunity to learn how to be a leader for her peers. One of her main goals, if elected, is to highlight and celebrate underclassmen more often.

“I wish to achieve my goal of adding more underclassmen-oriented school events,” Eleanor said.



Ellery Ford, one of the sophmore class president canidates. (Peyton Price)

Ellery Ford

Ellery is running with the hope of uniting her class and increasing the spirit she believes they are lacking. Currently, Ellery is one of the leaders of her club volleyball team which she has been on for five years, a skill she sees as beneficial to a potential class president. Her goals include hosting events inside and outside of school and taking input to improve rallies, spirit days, and events.

“I would love to be able to represent my class and bring everyone together. I am willing to take advice and put [that advice] into action to help improve the school,” Ellery said.



Junior Class President Nominees


Jasper Cohen

Jasper Cohen is running for senior class president because he too sees a divide in his grade among different friend groups and cliques

“I want to connect my class more and add more spirit to it,” Jasper said.  

Jasper is a member of the leadership team of ASB, which he believes has helped him to “strengthen his social responsibility and leadership skills.” He aims to be the voice that can make all the wants and needs of the junior class heard.


Avery Hinkleman

Avery is currently the sophomore class president and therefore has experience planning and coordinating school events in ASB. 

“I wanted to run for this position because being close with classmates and having good connections with people you may not normally hang out with [is very important],” Avery said. 

If elected, she strives to be an active listener and encourages a more active, spirited, and positive community for her grade.


Senior Class President Nominees


Dante Canela

Dante is a member of the Archie Williams drama program and his goal for the senior class is to make this senior class the best senior class Archie Williams has ever seen. He wants to try and have a class camping trip along with drive-in movies and other fun activities, he wants to break the barriers of the class and also “break the rules.” He also hopes to work with the administration to try and boost the cafeteria food.


Josh Palmateer, one of the senior class president canidates. (Peyton Price)

Josh Palmateer

Josh is an avid runner and a member of Archie Williams’s cross country and track team along with being in the mock trial club. He describes himself as a really hard worker and he wants to make sure all the seniors have a super fun senior year. 

“I will work a lot harder than any of the other candidates to make this senior year the best year for all the members of the senior class,” Josh said. 

Josh has also had a wide variety of experiences at Archie Williams through sports, clubs, and class, and his involvement in so many things has given him a “unique perspective” on the challenges and opportunities at Archie Williams. He wants to help seniors take advantage of the opportunities and strive through the challenges of senior year.


Audrey Poster, one of the senior class president canidates. (Peyton Price)

Audrey Poster

Audrey found an interest in running for president after seeing the impact of consistent involvement and community-building efforts from current senior class presidents, Micah Sher and Jack Long. As an active ASB member, captain of the lacrosse team, and her position on the Parks and Recreation Commission, Audrey has acquired the skills she believes necessary to lead her class.

“I am confident that I have the characteristics of a good leader: open-minded, hard-working, and cooperative,” Audrey said. She aims to use these qualities to achieve one of her goals of a tight-knit, communicative school.

“If I am elected to this position, my goals are to work with all of the class of 2024 to resolve issues facing students in our class, build community among our class through fun senior events, increase communication between the students, leadership, and the administration, and be a voice for every class of 2024 student,” Audrey said.


Brody Rhodes, one of the senior class president canidates. (Peyton Price)

Brody Rhodes

Brody chose to run again for a school government position, as he is the current junior class president. As the weather begins to warm, Brody hopes to host more bonfires and beach days for the junior class, something he would continue as senior class president. Brody also wants the whole senior class to be united as friends and encourage other grades to do the same.

“I wanted to run [for this position] to connect our class and impact my fellow peers…I hope to change how there’s [specific] groups of people [in our grade] and bring everyone together as one,” Brody said.


Anaya Seers 

Anaya was inspired to run for this position after watching previous senior class presidents run and plan events. She has ten years of experience in musical theater and hopes to voice her opinions and speak up for the seniors. She has had experience during her two years of ASB and her role as ASB representative insight council.

“I think I’m a great candidate for senior class president because I have a lot of experience working with my peers and I know how to communicate effectively to get things done. I’m always willing to listen to feedback and take constructive criticism to help me grow as a leader,” Anaya said.


Elections began during tutorial Wednesday, May 10, and closed Friday, May 12.