Spirit Day Four: Moana



AWHS senior Dimitri Spielman celebrates Thursday’s Moana Day with style.

On Thursday, April 27, Archie Williams students neared the end of Prom Spirit week by celebrating “Moana Day”. On this day, students dressed to impress with their best beach themed outfit. The day was very successful overall, with students jumping at the opportunity to dress in beach attire on a hot day.

Sophomore and ASB member Logan Burke helped coordinate this spirit week. 

“We needed the name of the day to be movie themed because the theme for Prom is night at the Oscars. Beach day is also always fun, especially because it was a hot day out,” Logan said.

Sophomore Luke Hutchinson feels that students were generally excited for Moana Day and had a good time with the beach themed dress. 

“I think the day had a really good spirit because it’s the last spirit week for seniors, and it’s definitely been a good week for all of us,” Luke said.

During lunch, ASB set up a snow cone stand by the senior tree for students in need of a refreshing treat on a hot day. The turn out was so great that ASB had trouble keeping up with demand, and ran out of paper cones.

“It was a really good showing and everyone wanted them but we ran out of cones halfway through. We had to grab the cardboard thing from lunch.” Logan said.

To follow up Moana Day and finish out the spirit week, students dressed in all white for their black light themed, glow in the dark rally.