Center Depot departs San Anselmo


Ezra Thaler

The empty lot at 1119 San Anselmo Ave., where the Center Depot trailer used to be.

After 18 months in business, San Anselmo’s Center Depot closed Saturday, Nov. 17. Located in the rear parking lot of Black Rabbit Trading Company adjacent to Yolanda Station, Center Depot was founded by caterer Tammy Parr. Operating out of a vintage camper trailer, the popular venue was designated as a mobile food truck, serving various beverages and pastries. 

Parr founded Center Depot in early June of 2021. As the subtenant of 1119 San Anselmo Avenue, Center Depot operated out of a single rented parking spot, boasting a pandemic-friendly eating environment and five stars on Google Reviews. However, upon the closure of Black Rabbit Trading Co., Parr could no longer maintain her position as a subtenant on behalf of Center Depot.

 “The lady who owned that store decided to retire and let her lease run out at the end of November. I had the opportunity to put in a proposal to take over the building and parking lot… But, ultimately, I was not prepared to do that,” Parr said. 

In search of a new tenant, the owner of the Black Rabbit Trading Co. building decided to entertain offers from other interested parties. 

“[The building owner] has since signed a contract with a new food and beverage-related business, and they have decided that I would be in conflict with their business. I can no longer operate there because they now have taken over the whole parking lot and building, and they will not rent a space to me,” Parr said. 

Although the date of its return is unknown, Parr says the closure of Center Depot is only temporary.

“[The closure is] not permanent. I paused the business right now, and I’m looking for a new space, but there are a number of qualifications I need to find a new space,” Parr said.

Due to its short distance from Archie Williams, Center Depot created various working opportunities for students and offered an alternative to the lunchtime trek to the Redhill Shopping Center. 

“I have a great team. Everybody who worked for me over the past year and a half has been awesome, lots of Archie [Williams] students… I’ve really had a wide variety of employees, and everybody has been super supportive and enthusiastic, and this whole business has been nothing but a positive experience,” Parr said.

Archie Williams junior Taylor DeNitto worked as a barista at Center Depot at the time of its closure. 

“We all worked together in the cart,” Taylor said. ‘“[We were] definitely sad [about the closure] but also hopeful for something new, a new chapter.”

Parr also described a mixture of emotions when she and her employees were first informed of the closure.

“It’s sad to not operate the business on a daily basis, but in general it has been a super positive experience and I do hope to continue it somewhere else,” Parr said.

Parr and Taylor hope to reopen the business in upcoming months at an alternative location.