Math teacher Adriana Perez surrenders teaching position, cites health reasons


Delaney Fair

AWHS math teacher Mr. Wronski teaches Ms. Perez’s former students in first-period Geometry.

On Thursday, Mar. 17, AWHS math teacher Adriana Perez announced that she will be on sick leave for the remainder of the 2021-2022 school year. A school board meeting on Tuesday, Mar. 22, discussed finding a new teacher to replace Perez and approved a summary of the meeting which confirmed that Perez has left on sick leave, which AWHS principal LaSandra White reiterated in a staff update also on Mar. 22. 

The staff update by Mrs. White also included a message from Perez, announcing that she is taking care of herself and is resting in hopes to recover from an unclassified health issue, while also confirming that she is no longer a teacher at AWHS.

“Adriana Perez will be out for the remainder of the school year for health reasons. She wanted to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and wishes, let you all know that she is taking care of herself and will be okay. She also wishes [students and staff] a great ending to this school year,” White said via email in the staff update.

Ms. Perez’s classes will be taught by other AWHS current math teachers Jason Adams and David Wronski, who will be taking over two of her class periods while also continuing to teach their own. Along with these teachers, Perez’s other two periods will be covered by Michelle Lackney, a teacher back to AWHS after two years of retirement..

“Thanks to Jason Adams and David Wronski for covering two of her classes and a huge thanks and welcome back to Michelle Lackney who is covering the other two sections,” White said in the debriefing email.