Ribbon-cutting celebrates first designated all-gender bathroom


Elliot Smith

ASB students Aubri Ana Koren (left) and Ava Gaughan (right) cut the ribbon, opening AWHS’s new gender neutral bathroom.

Monday, Mar. 7, AWHS celebrated the opening of the school’s first official  gender-neutral bathroom, located in the second corridor. Marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony, the opening of the gender-neutral bathroom gives students hope for more inclusivity in the community, especially endeavors by the school’s administration.

In an email sent to the staff, Assistant Principal Nate Severin said that the reason for the change is because of “low visibility in the current gender-neutral stall and issues of student safety.”

 Senior Ava Gaughan cut the ribbon after fighting alongside her classmates for the all-gender restrooms, and believes that the opening of the bathroom indicates a noticeable effort to make AWHS more gender inclusive.

“A lot of work went into it, but also I think that we wanted to make it be a fun celebration of increased equity and make our school safer and more comfortable,” Ava said. “It is also a way to make sure people know that this [the school] is changing.” 

By adding this gender-neutral bathroom, AWHS hopes to foster an inclusive environment surrounding gender identification for all students.

ASB students Aubri Ana Koren (right) and Ava Gaughan (left) pose for photos before cutting the ribbon. (Elliot Smith)