AWHS installs gender-neutral bathroom


Delaney Fair

A poster indicates the opening of the gender-neutral bathroom, located in the second corridor by room 222.

On Monday, Mar. 7, AWHS Peer Resource (PR) opened a gender-neutral bathroom in place of the women’s bathroom located in the second corridor near room 222. Detailed in fliers posted in the corriders of AWHS, the new bathroom welcomes people of every gender identity. 

“This [gender neutral bathroom] will make our school and community safer and more inclusive for students of all gender identities. No one is required to use the new-all-gender bathroom but everyone of every gender is welcome to. Creating this new restroom will give more people the opportunity to use a restroom that aligns with their identity, and increase equity and access to fundamental needs at Archie Williams,” reads the fliers posted around campus.

AWHS student and sophomore, Audrey Poster, believes AWHS is making noticeable progress in becoming a more inclusive school.

“It’s nice to see our school being more inclusive, I think the main factor that made PR come to this conclusion was just to be a more inclusive community overall. It’s beneficial because if you don’t feel comfortable using a girl’s or boy’s bathroom you can go to the all-gender bathroom,” Audrey said.

One of two gender neutral bathrooms available to AWHS students, located in the first corridor. (Delaney Fair)

The AWHS campus currently has two gender-neutral bathrooms, not including the most recent addition in the second corridor. The other bathrooms are located in the first corridor,  and in the little theater, which is exclusively for school staff. 

With the addition of new gender-neutral bathrooms, PR aims to make AWHS a more welcoming place for all gender identities.