Fairfax Town Council opposes opening of new cannabis dispensary


Charlie Gaebe

Element 7 had plans to open a location in place of Mana Bowls, but the Fairfax Town Council voted against it.

During a public Zoom meeting Wednesday, Feb. 2, the Fairfax Town Council voted against the opening of an Element 7 cannabis dispensary, which would take the place of Mana Bowls. During the meeting, Fairfax townspeople expressed concerns over the location of the store, the traffic it would cause, and the nature of the products sold. 

Many shared worries over the shift from Mana Bowls, a popular youth gathering spot, to Element 7, which would have an age limit of 21+. A business like Element 7 would require higher security, which some fear could change the feeling of the downtown area.

Additionally, some people worried about the potential traffic that the dispensary could cause. The council felt similarly and took these concerns to heart, despite Element 7’s plan to expand parking and even add an electric car charger.

Lastly, many concerns have arisen regarding marijuana with high levels of THC, which would be among the products sold at Element 7. Some voiced concerns over marijuana products with increased THC, saying they could lead to mental health issues. Having these products available in the location currently occupied by Mana Bowls was unsettling for some. 

After the overwhelmingly anti-dispensary public hearing, Mayor Stephanie Hellman and the rest of the Town Council decided against Element 7 taking the place of Mana Bowls on Sir Francis Drake Blvd.