Archie Williams High School Principal Liz Seabury takes temporary leave for new district position


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Photo of Liz Seabury, principal of Archie Williams High School/Sir Francis Drake High School/HS1327 for 9 years.

Archie Williams High School (AWHS) Principal, Liz Seabury, has taken a temporary leave to begin a special assignment in the Educational Services Department at the Tamalpais School District Office. As the new  Senior Director of Inclusion Instruction and Intervention, Seabury will work  to create strategies to help students whose education has been hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic. She will assume her new position  on Jul. 1 of 2021 and will last for approximately two years. During this time Redwood High School’s current assistant principal, LaSandra White, will take Seabury’s position as the AWHS principal.

COVID-19 has negatively impacted many students’ ability to learn across the district  and the country. According to the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), 1 in 7 children have missed three-quarters of in-person learning this school year. This disturbing trend is something that, to Seabury, is an important issue and one where she feels she can make a difference.

[This position] really is an opportunity to go into the schools to look at how we are helping kids who struggle, particularly with what is happening with COVID-19, but also in the big picture,” Seabury said.

Despite the fact that this issue is one that Seabury finds important, the position is only temporary, as the assignment is dependent on money set aside by the state. Seabury appreciates the fact that this is a temporary job, as she “loves being a principal.” After her new position, Seabury will have the opportunity to come back to her current position as AWHS principal, or to apply for another position within the district.

Seabury has known White for 9 years, and despite Seabury’s tinge of disappointment of leaving AWHS, she believes that the school will be in good hands.

“LaSandra White is so awesome, she is going to be so good for this school,” Seabury said.

Nate Severin, assistant principal at AWHS, has known Seabury ever since he was an athletic director at the school. After knowing Seabury for so long, Severin describes his feeling about Seabury’s new position as “bittersweet.” 

“I am both excited and happy for her because I see it as another opportunity for her to have a larger impact on students, but I will be sad to see her go. She has also done a lot for this school as far as change and making it a place that is more inclusive for all students,” Severin said.

In Seabury’s new position, she will work closely with her supervisor and Assistant Superintendent of Education Services in the Tamalpais School District, Kimberlee Armstrong. Armstrong says that when the job as Senior Director of Inclusion Instruction and Intervention was posted a month ago, there were “several applicants,” and out of them, Seabury was selected. Armstrong also said that Seabury’s new job position had nothing to do with the controversial AWHS name change, which was facilitated by Seabury.White declined to comment, as she cannot say anything public about her new position at AWHS until after the Tamalpais School Board meeting until May 25, where the TUHSD community will formally discuss her new position at AWHS.